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November 24, 2006

Superflat Single #49 / [710W3]

I was about to reach down into the archives and do a little DAT mining. I remembered a perfect track from the days just before I became a father. It was a window of time where Tachikoma was in Canada for a few weeks before returning to the other side of the Pacific Rim. I was listening to the track and thinking about a cover when I thought to check if we had already released it as a single. Almost at fifty releases and sure enough we have indeed released 'Are you Dread Cat?' a fantastic track by Tach. As the track had already been released, and I didn't have another one in mind, and I had the time...I made Superflat Single #49. Just for you, just now.
Listen to blipsandifs049.mp3 - 2.1 MB


the boats said...

nice work... I will have a track for next week.

Tachikoma said...

brillant cover. really. the quality has gone way up. Stellar.

i got a track as well. I'll send it on over.

PS did we win yet?? lol

Tachikoma said...

Oh and also ... that clarinet trill sample, for those who don't know, was provided to me on a sample cd moil made for me about 4 years ago. It's so frequently used it must be registered as a trademark by now.

This track reminds me of me and moil making music in his old house when we were smashed and his baby was asleep in the same room and we made meandering dub experiments.

but this one is better produced!! only criticism i have is it ends kinda abruptly. Shoulda just dubbed out all the other parts and dropped the clarinet into a spring reverb hole.

[710W3] said...

Unfortunately it's not the actual clarinet sample you're thinking of. This song was written hastily. I wasn't thrilled about the ending either, but liked the rest enough to call it a day.

Tachikoma said...

so you are saying that you used another or possibly a brand-new clarinet sample???? i find that hard but not impossible to believe.... how often do you drag out the 'net anyways???

well anyways, the ending criticism aint a big one, becuz the rest of the track is so great.... it's not like i've never done the same thing ... but great work moil... and keep on winnin'

[710W3] said...

no...actually, I don't really know where the 'net is at this very moment. That sample is straight outta Reason Soundbank.

P.S. We've NOT won yet...
I need feedback regarding Gronk,
and the First T.I.C. release needs to be made before 2007 in order to win by definition.

Tachikoma said...

Yeah moil i know we didn't win yet, i'm just trying to start a blogpost flame war LOL!

But yes --- i can't check out Gronky at work but I will betatest it at home tonight.

And T.I.C. --- ok --- email me what you need me to do. you probably told me before but it got lost in the slew of emails. net access at home now makes it easier for me to help you out on this ... just send a reminder to my yahoo mail and I'll get on it tonight.