cruft for the world.

November 13, 2006

Combattler V.

Hello, this Are Frank.

I am make benefit glorious non-nation of Taiwan.

No but actually, these things are happening:

1. There is a Shima Records comp. coming out w/ me and Moil on it.

2. The remix album betw. Tachikoma and Signalform will come out on a German label shortly.

3. I don't have access to the internet.

Well the third is not so exciting. But actually I am just trying to get back into the loop of producing tracks instead of franking so much. I really am. The lack of gear here isn't helping --- but I can't really blame that to be honest. Maboroshi ni wa.... it's all becoming an illusion. But I am trying, believe it. Until I get back on the horse, moil is gonna drop some mad green jade on y'all, while simultaneously battling McDonald's and his own superbusy schedule. As for the Boats .... well... I'll say nothing, because I am in no position to cast the first stone. But them is'a by's the by that Etc. you do the math.

Sorry for the lack of coherence. But mad props to all who continue to collaborate with me in my current debauched state.




self oscillate said...

frank, it is no german label,
it is a spanish label.

Tachikoma said...

ah, I see, even better!!

the boats said...

The next track I have lined up is a DOOZEY DUDE! I'm telling you TACHI! It's the next level... just had to brag. I have been on a creative burst lately. All I have to say is I used the CS-15 for the bass line and it RULES!! the sounds you can squeeze out of that thing are amazing!