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August 1, 2007

Superflat Single #70 / Kanade


Here's a track from us to you ... from our good friend in Japan, KANADE.

Haven't heard from us for a while? Well, I was in CANADA-EH for extensive consultations with d-boats and e-moil. We enjoyed the pleasures of a bachelor's garage, and also had a party when we got copies of the new ikude compilation from shima records in the UK, which has tracks by tachikoma and [710w3] on it ... and it's really a brilliant cd!! you must hear it! or at least download it from iTunes!

But back to the single at hand. This tune is a new version of "ES" from the latest CD by KANADE. He re-constituted material of a Japanese traditional musical instrument of "ES" in PRO TOOLS LE. He added a synthesizer sound and it was completed. "ES" means "Embryonic Stem cell".

Kanade's Equipment:

(The K in Kanade stands for KORG apparently!)


  • KORG MS2000

  • KORG MS2000R

  • KORG microKORG

  • KORG EA-1

  • KORG ER-1


  • KORG miniKORG


  • YAMAHA SY-77

  • AKAI S300XL

  • CASIO FZ-1

  • Digidesign PRO TOOLS LE

  • Steinberg NUENDO

  • Steinberg CubaseVST5/32

Listen to blipsandifs070.mp3 - 5.5 MB