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May 15, 2006

Superflat Single #35 / Tachikoma

Way way back, in the curly, sexual, delicious mists of time, I came up with this track. It was about a cat with dreadlocks, I think. Perhaps. There was already a song by Mark Braude I think which was about a dread cat. That was the catalyst.

Unlike so many of our singles, this was not just hastily slapped together in Reason, but rather painstakingly drag-and-dropped in Acid Music (I think I had version 1.0). It was such a learning experience, that program: this was one of the first tracks where I learned how to make "drum'n'bass" breaks and also managed to come up with some halfassed "turntable effects". The final track still sounds musical to my ear: but these days I would never attempt to splice together The Specials and Bob Marley into a single track. That's what the Malchiks were for, anyways.

Listen to blipsandifs035.mp3 - 5 MB

1 comment:

self oscillate said...

acid music always reminds me of
that squeaky 303 ;-)
it's been too long since i made a
wicked acid tune.