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April 26, 2007

Superflat Single #64 / ikude

My girlfriend and I have a wierd musical project. We're making ambient music together, like, new age music which will relax you and make your qi become more malleable. It's music to give massages by. It's soft and pliable and generally pleasant to the ear, or it's supposed to be I guess. And the project is named "ikude," after a cool compilation CD that is coming out soon.

This song's the first completed one, made in my little kitchen-studio, as you can see from the cover art. This is the ideal song for stressed out people who are, let's say, working on creating someone's video-upload competition website while simultaneously being the head of a family and also running tech support for the world's first bloglabel and additionally shouldering the responisibilty of being the governor of Boomcity.

If you know anyone like that, buy them a beer and make them listen to this song.

Listen to blipsandifs064.mp3 - 6 MB

April 22, 2007

Google Job Opportunities

What an opportunity. I'm sending my resume as I type. Google Copernicus Center is hiring! And the best thing is that it's on the moon. I checked it out on Google Moon and if you zoom in really really close you can see the construction underway! Check it out by zooming into the Appollo 16 landing site (there is a link for you) and then 'travel' Northward a little and you'll see it.

Now that you've seen the moon site, and understand the intricasies of this post, check out this opportunity for us all to get jobs on the moon! So amazing it's almost unreal. Now is the best time to apply since by the time we'd finish training the shuttle ships will be ready for to carry us home, to our new home anyway. Our new job is on the moon. Swell. I just emailed my resume. Crazy!

April 13, 2007

Superflat Single #63 / nakao::::

Another new blipsandifs poster has been recruited! His name is nakao:::: and he's from Japan --- his lastest track is posted here. Mostly made with software, this track reminds me a lot of the shimmering, rhythmic arpeggios of N. Takemura and carpark records artists. At first listen some people are gonna call this a "cold, digital" sounding track, but actually I suspect the sample source is something organic. A good way to think of this track is flipping through an animation flipbook at about 1/3rd the regular speed. Each picture stands alone, but the development from frame to frame is revealed.... the eye is no longer fooled.... it's audio photography....

This track is how a CD player sees music.

Listen to blipsandifs063.mp3 - 5.1 MB

April 9, 2007

I love the chaos.

The new Tachikoma / Signalform collaboration and remix album seems to be available from Love the Chaos, our Spanish record label, at this time!!

If you surf on over there, you can see the cover art and even take a listen to some of the tunes...

Gotta love the design of Love the Chaos, those kids know splattering.

This is their fourth release, I'm superhappy to be working with them and I know Signalform is too.