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March 29, 2006

Superflat Single #32 / slogic

Another Superflat Single from the analog troubadour, slogic. A fantastic single indeed. Entitled 'idrum' it's considered by the author a B-side to db92(a track we released last month. This freshly mastered track a prime example of the slogic style we know you'll love.
Listen to blipsandifs032.mp3 - 4MB

March 28, 2006

Winking tonight.

Tonight at the Wink, vegetario restaurant!

Hidden Agenda feat. Tachikoma!

Tachikoma will be playing walkin' jazz bass during standup comedy from the man who lives in the butchershop, Ehren Salazar.

How..... unlikely!

March 17, 2006

Reference Point: electroplankton.

For those of you who have difficulty figuring out exactly what the AudioToys are all about, let me point you in the direction of Electroplankton. I don't agree with most of this GameSpot review, but the screenshots and description are useful for explaining the concept to newcomers.

Electroplankton is a 'game' for the Nintendo DS which lets you interact with sound-generating, quasi-random software synth and sampler modules. Rather than coldly programming a track, you play with the toys and see what kind of music you can collaborate on .... with an AI, rather than a person.

AudioToys are like an online Flash version of the same thing. We came up with the concept first, but Toshio Iwai, programmer of Electroplankton, is already developing a hardware version of a similar product with Yamaha . Then again, AudioToys are free, so.....

March 15, 2006

Audio Toy Field Test #4

The Audiotoys are developing nicely. In the lab I have been working on the technologies to make our inventions come to life. The seeds of a brand new song. We now have two fully functioning components at Blipsandifs Audiotoy Source Files Page. These files may seem to be missing substance. What they lack in being interesting they make up for in being useful. These field tests become our building blocks for the Audiotoys.
The tests are made with FlashMX, a multimedia web program. All that is needed to view the components, and the future Audiotoys, is the Free Flash Player. Blips and Ifs is not only publishing the Flash Player(.SWF) files, we are also releasing the FlashMX(.FLA) source files for those who have Flash and wish to use or learn from them.
All in all this is pretty nerdy stuff. The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. Audiotoys WILL be crazy, super-fun, and chock full of the concepts, sounds, images and ideas that we like to call Blips and Ifs.

March 9, 2006

blipsandifs #031 / tachikoma

Again and again!

This track is from the old school. I always thought it was one of my best tracks, and I put it on demo CDs in 2002 that I sent out to indie labels. It didn't make it onto my "Gentle, Amoral Robot Music" album, but that's because it contains a sample from a track which is just too well known. In many ways it's a nuclear track, because I notice that techniques I use regularly were implemented for the first time in this production. For example, a lot of the percussion sounds are hand-created glitch samples, and the way that the vocal sample is twisted in an attempt to mimic scratching.... those are 'classic' Tachikoma techniques.

Which reminds me.... I gotta get some new techniques.

Listen to blipsandifs031.mp3 - 2.8MB

March 4, 2006

blipsandifs #030 / slogic

Com.... pu...... tor. Computor music. That's what we have here. Nothing new for Blipsandifs; but usually the computors involved are PCs or Macs. In this case, the computor is an Atari ST. First built by neolithic man in an attempt to improve upon simple tools like the wedge and the wheel, the Atari ST remains popular among British anoraks who like to kick it old school.... extremely old school. Thanks to slogic (pronounced "slogic") for this track, and for his continuing dedication to outdo Tachikoma in antiquated gear revival....

Listen to blipsandifs030.mp3 - 5.1MB

March 2, 2006

S and N.

Well, I forgot to apply to NewMusicWest this year, but I remembered to apply to Signal And Noise 2006. And somehow, I got in. The list of artists has just been posted - Lee Hutzulak is on there too, that's the only other artist on the bill that I'm familiar with. Which is good, probably.

For that show I'm definitely going to be doing the Live Tachikoma With Singing and Synths. Gotta work on that tonight..... must .... stop.... playing ..... real time strategy games.....