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November 24, 2006

Superflat Single #49 / [710W3]

I was about to reach down into the archives and do a little DAT mining. I remembered a perfect track from the days just before I became a father. It was a window of time where Tachikoma was in Canada for a few weeks before returning to the other side of the Pacific Rim. I was listening to the track and thinking about a cover when I thought to check if we had already released it as a single. Almost at fifty releases and sure enough we have indeed released 'Are you Dread Cat?' a fantastic track by Tach. As the track had already been released, and I didn't have another one in mind, and I had the time...I made Superflat Single #49. Just for you, just now.
Listen to blipsandifs049.mp3 - 2.1 MB

November 23, 2006

My Chain.

I recently got a hip hop makeover, Taiwan-style --- by which I mean, I bought a bunch of Chinese knockoff gear in a night market.

I could try to explain my behavior by saying that the clothes I'm sportin' are more at home in the area where I live than where you live.... but I won't. I yam what I yam. This quote sez more than I ever could;

"I got stoopid money so I bought a stoopid chain." ---- Gucci Mane.

November 18, 2006

39,999 KHz above the GeoFront.

Well, this will be a short but elated broadcast.

I just wanted to let you all know that: I got the internet back up and running at my home here in Taipei.

None of that WiFly wireless junk. Just a 100MBps simple ADSL connection, which can barely upload a 4MB mp3. I doubt I can even watch One Piece on YouTube with it.

But one thing I CAN do is broadcast on Blips and Ifs. As I am doing now.

Please keep it real.

Thank you!

November 15, 2006

Superflat Single #48 / Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow

Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow are the newest contributors to the Blips and Ifs Superflat Singles collection. I met Tony (the genius behind the Evil Geniuses) during a few parties late October. First time we were carving pumpkin heads and then on Hallowe'en dressed up as Dr.Jacobi from Twin Peaks and I had a pencil in my face. It was good to party with my wife while my kids were subdued by relatives. After the Jello shooters I don't recall that much.

Later that week...
Tony sent me some links to his music, including a Brooklyn style illbient scratch & sample based turntablism track. Superflat Single #48 is that song. The Evil Geniuses were pleased to share their music and we are glad.

Listen to blipsandifs048.mp3 - 2.6 MB

November 13, 2006

Combattler V.

Hello, this Are Frank.

I am make benefit glorious non-nation of Taiwan.

No but actually, these things are happening:

1. There is a Shima Records comp. coming out w/ me and Moil on it.

2. The remix album betw. Tachikoma and Signalform will come out on a German label shortly.

3. I don't have access to the internet.

Well the third is not so exciting. But actually I am just trying to get back into the loop of producing tracks instead of franking so much. I really am. The lack of gear here isn't helping --- but I can't really blame that to be honest. Maboroshi ni wa.... it's all becoming an illusion. But I am trying, believe it. Until I get back on the horse, moil is gonna drop some mad green jade on y'all, while simultaneously battling McDonald's and his own superbusy schedule. As for the Boats .... well... I'll say nothing, because I am in no position to cast the first stone. But them is'a by's the by that Etc. you do the math.

Sorry for the lack of coherence. But mad props to all who continue to collaborate with me in my current debauched state.



November 10, 2006

Music Video for Superflat Single #46

A great little camera.Video now availablefrom Blips and Ifs! We've been hard at work preparing our first self produced music video. After working with Etherworks on the first of a series of collaborations I was inspired to start creating my own music videos. Having all the training and equipment nessisary it was only a matter of time. So this November needs rain jackets, trapped inside we decided to start filming. Along wth my children we visited each window of the house and taped the slow motion rain falling down. Visit the new video archive section of

Watch the Video: - 6.7 MB

November 3, 2006

Audio Toy Field Test #6

There is great excitement from the field. Tachikoma's unique brand of ambient noises have now been fitted into the main housing unit of 'Gronk'. Other recent advances also include a mystery glitch in the programming that was causing only the last sound to play. This situation has been resolved by adding permanent containment unit for each of the sounds. Prior to this addition, as one sound was loaded in, the next sound was taking it's predecessors place. By adding individual containment units all sounds now have a place to go. After a little more code tweaking to smooth out sound transitions the first Audio Toy will be released before the end of 2006. Projected forecast is for later this week.

This is a major achievement as Audio Toys are one of the last remaining goals of blipsandifs for the year 2006. All we have left is the Tachikoma Instrument Collection to begin and we will WIN!

Image was drawn by 'The Boats' in the original Board Room of Blips and Ifs (aka Hotel Hastings). Became the inspiration for Superflat Single #13.

Here is a sample of code from the upcoming Audio Toy:

//Sound Relations
//invisible dragon _X+_Y converted to a percentage.(0-100)
percentSlider = int((this.invisibleDragon._x + this.invisibleDragon._y)/2.25);

//set up vol3
if (percentSlider>50){
vol3 = ((percentSlider+50)*2)-200;
}else(vol3 = 0);

//set up vol2
if (percentSlider<50){
vol2 = ((percentSlider-33)*3)*2;
vol2 = ((-(percentSlider-33)*3)*2)+200;
vol2 = 0;

//set up vol1
if (percentSlider<50){
vol1 = (-percentSlider+50)*2;
}else(vol1 = 0);

trace("A: "+vol1);
trace("B: "+vol2);
trace("C: "+vol3);

November 1, 2006

Superflat Single #47 / [710W3]

Superflat Single #77 - Roller Coaster by [710W3]The song was an instantanious joke from the start, but I really loved playing and singing it on my piano, my poor piano. Our old upstairs neighbours gave it to us when we moved out of our that home. Then for a good year and a half at the next house I would play daily. Pounding keys and blarring out at the top of my lungs when no one was home, and often when they were. Then we moved again. We are very fortunate to have this rental, I really like it here. A great view and lots of convienience. Except I lost two things when we moved in. My office, and worst of all the piano. Niether of them are really gone, don't let me mislead you. My office has become a bedroom office and more. The piano only made it to the garage. It's getting cold out and I'm worried it might get lonely, I haven't played it in months. The garage is great for working on my comic book, but it doesn't have the right mood for jamming. One day I'll get that piano inside and I'll play my heart out. I miss my piano.
Listen to blipsandifs047.mp3 - 2.6 MB