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June 20, 2006

Superflat Single #37 / Harpoon

Blipsandifs037 - The Microdot Violence

Harpoon is back, in an even more electronically processed form. You know, I work with The Boats, I know The Boats, I've been to The Boats' parties where I felt lonely because there were too many graphic designers there. And The Boats has made some cool tracks in his day, but this is one of his best. I'd probably name it the Superflat Single of the year if I wasn't so egotistical. (Hey: at least I made more. Quantity trumps quality. Every year.)

The Boats is our drummer in Harpoon. He's like an Eighties band's drummer: his drums are inside metal boxes. But he made this track from 5 or 6 of our recorded jams, which he cut up into tiny digital McNuggets and then refried in Reason, adding Sweet'n'sour sauce, and Hot Mustard. This track is what he came up with. The microdots he extracted from our jams, he turned into a track that sounds like nothing we've ever made, or could make, in Harpoon.

Enjoy the virtual violence....

blipsandifs037.mp3 - 5.37 MB

June 13, 2006

Big Shout Out

.... to all those who a-keep on a-reading this here fine blog. We appreciates it!

It's just that the last couple of months have been hectic..... and that's no excuse, but it's the only one we have. So the superflat singles have arrived less frequently, and other projects have had difficulty moving forward.

We'd like to thank all the overseas contributors to the blog and urge them to submit more singles, and to ask their friends to do so, too. We promise we'll come up with good covers!

Another aspect I'd like to add to the blog: I like seeing works-in-progress up here as well as completed ones. It's great to know How and Why people are arting the way they are. It's sometimes even better than seeing What they are arting.

In the future we'll have more Superflat Singles, including web-only exclusive tracks from web-only bands like Harpoon, which is composed of 3 servers and a fender amp. We are also hoping to begin the Tachikoma Instrument Collection trading card series, and to continue collaborating with Brett Gaylor.

Thanks for tuning in, again, and for bearing with us.

The Blips And Ifs Team
(Tachikoma, 710W3 and The Boats)

June 12, 2006

Go stand in the longer line up

It's possible to rock into space.It's hard to be intangible. Since I last posted I've had numerous conversations, brainstorms and revelations about the Ghost comic book. The plot is now outlined for the next thousand years of the characters life.
A special thanks to Rusty, Jacob and Frank for letting me think at them. During a break at work the other day I started playing with some imagery for the comic. These aren't the final products, just image tests. I think they are in the right direction but the final product will be more evolved.