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November 23, 2006

My Chain.

I recently got a hip hop makeover, Taiwan-style --- by which I mean, I bought a bunch of Chinese knockoff gear in a night market.

I could try to explain my behavior by saying that the clothes I'm sportin' are more at home in the area where I live than where you live.... but I won't. I yam what I yam. This quote sez more than I ever could;

"I got stoopid money so I bought a stoopid chain." ---- Gucci Mane.


angrycobra said...

The tears are real.

the boats said...

I really think the glasses finish the hip hop look. ANYONE ORDER A CASE OF FORTIES?

Tachikoma said...

yeah what should i do about the glasses? Options;

1. wear them

2. wear prescription sunglasses

3. just bump into stuff

[710W3] said...

definately option 2.
get a photo of that up a.s.a.p.

-bai editor

the boats said...

I want to see video of version 3! Laughing at pain is funny!

Tachikoma said...

i got a digital camera but it dont have video. so i'll begin working on the stop-motion claymation asap.

angrycobra said...

I want a closer view of the necklace.

[710W3] said...

Time is Money.
Pain is Funny.