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May 30, 2006

Superflat Single #36 / [710W3]

Once again we present a track from a few years back. Ghost and the longer Line up is the album this Superflat Single originates from. Please don't freeze was among the 15 tracks inspired by the short movie Feed us. The film had a minor character which I performed, and later named: Ghost (pictured right). The character has continued to evolved from it's simple beginnings not only into one album (the original of which was written from the characters point of view) but a second album called Ghost and the shorter Remix by Tachikoma. There are also discussions of the character being developed into a full length comic book and comic possible series, from there the sky is the limit. Of course, we'll announce everything you'll need to know here at blips and ifs.

blipsandifs036.mp3 - 5.4 MB

May 24, 2006


The show was brutal. It failed brutally. During the soundczech we realized that the monitors didn't work. That was OK for the other performers cuz they use "actual instruments" and could therefore hear what key they were trying to sing in. Not the same deal for Tachikoma. I need a good PA even to do an average show. Luckily I backed out in time. I gave up my spot and also called all the people I told to come out and told them to stay home. I am good at failing! When I fail, I fail the right way.

Then I walked home in the rain.

Then I remembered I left my audio processing "orb" at the show. Crap.

I guess I am swinging on down to that there old time vegetarian restaurant ghetto, yet again.


May 23, 2006

Tachikoma loves MARINE life!

The show will be at the MARINE club, not the media club tonight.

Tachikoma At Marine Club - Tonight!!!!!

May 19, 2006

Go Mariners!

Finally, no more Tachikoma shows at vegemarian restaurants on Main Street. Now I got a show in a real, actual "dive" bar.... haw haw.... a nautical joke, folks.


Where: The Marine Club, 573 Homer St.
Date: Tuesday, May 23
Time: About 8:30 pm
Cover: 5$? I'm guessing.

And of course it's part of Hidden Agenda. Word to Ehren Salazar.

This is the gauntlet dropping! Tachikoma is now officially an actual Vancouver band. True Story.

May 15, 2006

Superflat Single #35 / Tachikoma

Way way back, in the curly, sexual, delicious mists of time, I came up with this track. It was about a cat with dreadlocks, I think. Perhaps. There was already a song by Mark Braude I think which was about a dread cat. That was the catalyst.

Unlike so many of our singles, this was not just hastily slapped together in Reason, but rather painstakingly drag-and-dropped in Acid Music (I think I had version 1.0). It was such a learning experience, that program: this was one of the first tracks where I learned how to make "drum'n'bass" breaks and also managed to come up with some halfassed "turntable effects". The final track still sounds musical to my ear: but these days I would never attempt to splice together The Specials and Bob Marley into a single track. That's what the Malchiks were for, anyways.

Listen to blipsandifs035.mp3 - 5 MB

May 9, 2006

Get Backers.

Tachikoma was succesfully shipped back to Vancity from NYC and is now recuperating from sudden free promotional item withdrawal.

Looks like no superflat singles were posted in my absence but I will get on that ASAP. Looks like readership went up during last week what with my constant posting and all. I'll try to cram more data into the datahole in future.

Vancity is warmer but the cherry blossoms have falling. Haru wa ii ne.....

May 6, 2006

Outta here.

Did I mention I saw famous peoples? John Malkovich and Richard Gere. True story.

But other than that I am running out of things to say. Naturally I dont wish to return to Vancity but duty calls.

The bloglabel will be posting more MP3s when I gets back I guess. Less of this constant textual stimulation.

Gotta go to the awards ceremonies and wrap parties now.... peace.

May 5, 2006

Wrappin' it up.

Only two days left in the decadence parade known as .... well, we call it the Tribeca Food Festival cuz we steal so much food.

Went to another screening, a horrible French horror movie called "Sheitan," and did more out-on-the-town exploring. Lots of good photos but unpossible to make with the uploading right now. Hanging out with Japanese makeup designers, Canadian documentary producers, Irish actors and directors.... even Swedes who tried to convince me that smoking tobacco was illegal in their country (sorry, I don't believe it).

It's a great festival because you can pick up almost anyone by asking "so what film did you work on?" Write that down, it's gold. I'm gonna use it at Vancity Int'l Film Festival next september. Because that's the followup; Jason will be back in Vanshitty for his master's degree, and he'll probably get a film into VIFF, and we will duplicate our bender precisely.

Bet on it.

May 4, 2006

It Happened.

Art-style. A little mini tachikoma show in NYC. Guitar stuff, electro stuff, poor quality comedy; the show had it all. I gots the photos but they will have to wait. So glad it all went well, and especially glad that NYC'ers that I didnt know came up and made with the compliments afterwards, grooof.


May 2, 2006

Hidden Agenda's message to you rudy.

today they celebrated 20 years since expo 86.

i got to city hall when the Mayor and expo ernie were talking to the
and city officials and elementary school class.

i asked a question right away about his name infront of everyone, about
first name transpo the robot. he denied it.

i stuck around after slowly everyone left.... eventualy it was just me
ernie and his assistant. we hung out just outside the mayors office for
almost an hour. we chatted about vancouvers past present and future. i
him if he thought bc place was holding vancouver back. if he's ever
for the cops and done profile checks. he chatted about crazy expo days.
told him i never got a chance to meet him during expo but always looked
hard for him.

the assistant said that he'd like to come see little mountain
studios... i
also told them the story about how i had tried to invite ernie to
agenda, and my converasation with jimbo pattison.

i asked him too if he ever thought to be the 2010 olymoics secondary
that he could return gold platted jut like johnny 5 in short circuit.
thought it was a good idea.

his assistant took a picture of me with him on my cel phone after.

on such a windy day in vancouver, i finaly got to meet Expo Ernie.

May 1, 2006

Tachikoma Days.

Got another Tachikoma show coming up on Saturday. Big long ambient microsound installation set that will be instrumental and accompany ZERO CAPITAL: (the art collective that makes art with no money). Appropriate place for an aleatory Tachikoma show, grooof! I'll dub out some serious gameboy soundtracks.....

Went to this show last night, at "Forbidden City" - saw an amazing puertorican salsa (or similar genre) band. Unreal. Like the merengue version of The Slackers. Mad vocals. Danced foolishly and was served sake in a box. The best part is the box.

Gotta go back to the world at large now and scrounge more film festival free shizzle.....