cruft for the world.

October 24, 2005

asdf is !@#$

I was somehow accidentally transported to this site, I really have no idea how I got there. Woke in a dark place with 4 letters staring at me. It was odd as my vision began to focus to see such a vague thing with so accurate a definition. asdf really is a great definition for a great many things. Although my cohorts may disagree, the concept of blips and ifs really is asdf; though not necessarily the ones defines by the site. asdf IS the subject line that has no subject. I've used it myself on hundreds of occasions. If there was an image to accompany this blog it would be this: asdf
(please note I personally consider l33t a non-valid format of blogging)

[[scan]] II

I've chosen a classic Zen verse to murder with my idiosyncratic calligraphy...

October 21, 2005

[[scan]] I

I had hoped to purchase an extremely cheap digital camera with which to produce many blog images... but even the cheapest is beyond my grasp. However, I managed to purchase a 2nd-hand Kensington PocketScan.... a cute little mini-scanner that can only scan business cards.

(The example above is the only business card I could find in my house. It's from a show that the Air Conditioners, aka SpaceRock2000, played at NewMusicWest in Vancouver.)

So my new, personal medium is the business card. I intend to buy them in bulk, elegantly write and draw on them and create collages using paper media, and then scan them. They're like punch cards in an old mainframe computer.

Note: I like media.

October 19, 2005

(the show is web only)

As an experriment, i've decided not to tell anyone about the show (in the post below) except the people who read this blog.

I wonder if I'll see you there??? Blogpower engage!

October 18, 2005

Tachikoma meets the Catscam (uptown).

Big Show! You Should Go!

This Saturday at post-gallery/post-cafe/post-venue The Butcher Shop in Vancouver (near Main and 26th), Tachikoma will be collaborating with J Ray.... (see the tiniest font on the poster.)

The show will be 45% music, 21% puppetry, 1.6% anarchy.

Be there or be socially acceptable!

October 17, 2005

Superflat Single #14 / [(710W3)]

Ripped in a regular digital frenzy by [710W3]. 'Broken green light' continues his search for unnatural virtual light fixtures. One might say this is the soundtrack to go with them, or that he was heavily influenced by Corpse Bride this weekend. Finding the right lighting can be a long and elusive task but it's one that [710W3] isn't afraid of.
Reflection has always been a huge part of the [710W3] style. Mixes of direct, diffused, and his signature negative light once again create a powerful, yet laid back superflat single.

October 11, 2005

Superflat Single #13 / Milk Jaggar & Cheese Richards

In the spirit of October, blipsandifs releases its 13th superflat single.

Straight outta the Garage de la Hotel Hastings. These two old skool rockers were trapped for 14 hours on the second sub-floor of the hotel. Luckily, this is all untrue, and the two happened to have with them a Tascam 4-track Recorder. Milk and Cheese had a horrible Thanksgiving trapped in an dingy parking garage, but it doen't mean you have to...

Please enjoy playing cowboys & glens this Thanksgiving season.

Tachikoma Live

Finally the Tachiko has a Tachi-show.

15 minutes of solid uninterrupted nonexistent microsound will pour forth from his audiohole on Saturday, December 3rd, at "Video-Blim: an X-Mas ho Ho HO down."

The event is being held at Video In (1965 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, V5T 3C1) and being curated by Blim. And they guarantee quality.

Also the cover will be cheap.

So be there, or be popular.

October 6, 2005

Superflat Single #12 / the drunken boats

There is no love today, no love.... or so it's been suggested. Then along comes a couple of drunken boats saying, here's that love that you wanted.

Perhaps you recall these intoxicated vessels from a previous Blipsandifs single.... i.e. our first one. Drunken boats are now 41% angrier than before. That's an improvement. So it's almost like they're offering you the track because they don't need love any more, but if you wanna use the love, go ahead, you can use it, just don't break it. I didn't get the extended warranty.

October 4, 2005

Blips and ifs stylee.

You know how we do at blipsandifs. Sometimes the posts are just a little.... laid back. Cuz we're from the Vancity and shit.

Sigh.... tachikoma almost wants to pass out when he thinks of all the stuff on the table at blipsandifs. We got big portions of media content to serve you, I promise. So hang in there, our loyal supporters: we'll be pumpin' out the content again soon enough.