cruft for the world.

November 18, 2006

39,999 KHz above the GeoFront.

Well, this will be a short but elated broadcast.

I just wanted to let you all know that: I got the internet back up and running at my home here in Taipei.

None of that WiFly wireless junk. Just a 100MBps simple ADSL connection, which can barely upload a 4MB mp3. I doubt I can even watch One Piece on YouTube with it.

But one thing I CAN do is broadcast on Blips and Ifs. As I am doing now.

Please keep it real.

Thank you!


the boats said...

good to hear FRZA. we were all very worried about you. I passed by your old apartment building today. Kemal and I spoke fondly of you... and wondered what you were up to in a far away land.

[710W3] said...

Yeah! So long as Frank is franking, then all's good in the world.

angrycobra said...

I forgot you were gone.