cruft for the world.

March 29, 2008

Cruftworld #6:

Totally live. Totally raw. Totally cruft.
This track from The King In Yellow is absolute uncut real cruftworld music. Laid down in the new SZ C-world studio, even the drums. Weirder vocals than usual perhaps, but that's the thing with The King In Yellow. They're weird.

I'd rather not talk about this song so much. Let's just agree that it's old school, and leave it at that. You should be thankful that we haven't recorded it to cassette and then back to computer. Just be thankful for that.

Listen to Cruftworld #6: Where is my mind. - 3.5 MB

March 18, 2008

l33t bl0gg0r

i have managed to hack into BAI from behind the great firewall. For graet justice.