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January 30, 2006

Superflat Single #27 / [710W3]

GHD, the annual pagan celebration of being pagan, is drawing nigh. The elves who produce the GHD theme music, rejects from the north pole and AD&D, have been working hard on producing the music for the festival; this track was rejected by them as "too hardcore for GHD."

Consider yourself warned. blipsandifs027.mp3

January 23, 2006

Superflat Single #26/ Space Rock 2000 & Dr.Circumcise

While DAT mining, Tachikoma and I discovered some golden tracks. As many will never have heard either the original or the remix we are pleased to announce this week there are two superflat singles being released. Space Rock 2000 originally released 'Wonderglove', a 303 turned inside out while its opperators gazed across Kitz beach. After a month of toiling the song was completed and somehow snatched up by the evil Dr. Circumcise who then remixed the tracks into what we are now calling blipsandifs026b.mp3

This weeks singles! blipsandifs026a.mp3 & blipsandifs026b.mp3

Total Victory.

The show was amazing.

I have no photos of it on hand but [710W3]'s significant other was clickin' away, so.... they'll be up here soon.

Thanks for all who participated! And to all our supporters! This was the first real all-in-one Blipsandifs night, and I think it went super well....

January 20, 2006

Show-Bot - Tomorrow! ~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~ and did you know they sell beer there? True story.

January 18, 2006

January 17, 2006

Superflat Single #25/ Tachikoma

This city may be crowded. It may have caused me to choke on carbon monoxide while I cross a busy street, almost to the point of retching. This city may have drugs and crime and murder, but on a crisp cold day you can see every tree on the mountains and every steel crane above the city like a rare blue heron that only roosts here. 'City Scape Final' is a digital translation by Tachikoma regarding these great birds and the city they dwell in.

This weeks single: blipsandifs025.mp3

January 16, 2006

'Nuff Said.

January 12, 2006

Podcast feedback.

Has anyone had a chance to listen to the podcast? How's it working out on your iPod? Any issues we should know about? We haven't had a chance to beta-test it much because [710W3] and m'self both are too generic to use iPods, we use generic mp3 players instead....

Post up some feedback in the comments field, or send me an email at ....

January 11, 2006

To Be Continued.

Yesterday I finally finished the first edit of the score of To Be Continued, Jason da Silva's newest film. The programming was greatly speeded up and improved by the addition of the M-Audio Trigger Finger USB interface, new in the Geofront. The soundtrack is a weird pastiche of new age pads, minimal hip hop beats, and languid Rhodes.... in fact I hope to post a few or all of the tracks from it up here, after I consult with the Blips and Ifs team. And then we can podcast it..... victory!

January 10, 2006


The new year is cranking at full productivity, and Blips and Ifs is doing it's best to keep up.

Right now the bloglabel is going through a few changes. [710W3] cast a +6 summon spell and summoned up a Podcast with the help of red mage Brett. That's been a much discussed feature that we wanted to add, we just didn't have enough MP, so [710W3] drank some Ether.

As for The Boats, he's in NYC, and wrapping up his graphic design school. And as for m'self, I'm just hanging in there. I haven't been posting as much because.... my access to the internet has been limited. [710W3]'s been helping me out, which is awesome, but I'm gonna try and blog more.

Please bear with us, and thanks for regularly tuning in! Remember: At Blips and Ifs, quality is job 6.

Superflat Single #24/ Tachikoma

There is no reason to stay. Poptastic digital recording from Blipsandifs number one producer of content. This is actually an old track, located from what is known as 'DAT mining'. Years ago music was often recorded to digital audio tapes, also known as DAT's. Tachikoma first began DAT mining during his brief stays in Vancouver before returning to the Far East. Locating large collections of tapes and a special device to play them. There are rarely opportunities to find tapes that haven't been exhausted of their gold these days. This track is part of the legacy of DAT mining. Tachikoma has re-discovered this track for display in the blipsandifs museum.


This weeks single: blipsandifs024.mp3

January 7, 2006


We now have a podcast! Copy this link to iTunes to subscribe!


This weeks single:

Number 23

January 4, 2006

Superflat Single #23/Tachikoma

December 31, 2pm three musicians donned their performance gear and began a two and a half hour show. Celebrating the new years arrival and the release of a boomcity comic book the eggnog was almost as good as the sounds. The show was not recorded, nor filmed. Except by the mind of Tachikoma. Returning home he quickly placed notes on digital parchment and re-enacted the show. Blips and Ifs 23rd Superflat single is the spectacluar result.