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November 10, 2006

Music Video for Superflat Single #46

A great little camera.Video now availablefrom Blips and Ifs! We've been hard at work preparing our first self produced music video. After working with Etherworks on the first of a series of collaborations I was inspired to start creating my own music videos. Having all the training and equipment nessisary it was only a matter of time. So this November needs rain jackets, trapped inside we decided to start filming. Along wth my children we visited each window of the house and taped the slow motion rain falling down. Visit the new video archive section of

Watch the Video: - 6.7 MB


the boats said...

DUDE! I really liked the video! nice work man!

angrycobra said...

Moving art!

the boats said...

I have to get on the video boat... Living with a film maker and all... I should start taking my camera out with me and filming things. Will start today!