cruft for the world.

December 31, 2005

710W3-LIFE #1

Last night there were trains. They're still whaling away in the distance, but sound travels so much better at night when everything is asleep. There is some serious movement going on and no audiophoto has been made.

  • The LIFE series are posts in which audio sampled only by the ears (not gear) of the blipsandifs producers are recorded in text format. Be prepared for onomatopoeia, but don;'t hold your breath.

December 30, 2005


Thanks to all who came out to my show at The Butcher Shop..... even though the schedule was messed up, the overall show was amazing / traumatizing. I thought everything went super well.... and hopefully I'll even get a chance to post some photos of the gig soon!!!

December 29, 2005

Superflat Single #22 / [710W3]

So many new things have been added to the instrument collections of blips and ifs this holiday season. Like Tachikoma, many new percussion instruments have arrived at my house as well. Though made for kids, there is nothing like the ding-a-ling-a-ling of a good wholesome triangle or pair of cymbals. These days platstic powered kids toys are interesting too. [NEE-NAW-NEE-NAW!BLEEP] Push button action sounds are getting so loud and crazy! As a by-product this does make them easier to sample...

Happy New Year from all of us at Blips and Ifs.

December 28, 2005

Definitely Yes on the Tachikoma Show.

Tachikoma show? It's a go. The details that are known are as follows:

Tachikoma is playing sometime between 8pm and 12pm on Thurs Dec 29 (aka tomorrow/today) at The Butcher Shop located at 26th and Main. He is playing a 12 minute set inna electronic and vocals stylee.

The other artists and exact orientation of artists inside the four-hour time block are undetermined as of this time. Too much noise in the signal.

Please be there to support musicians who cannot afford the entire 15 minutes of fame promised by Andy but instead have to settle for 12. And settle we shall!

slightly later update; here is the official press release. Note time change to NINE PM (9)

official announcement -

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 29th, 9 pm, $5-10 sliding scale
HIDDEN AGENDA 2010 cabaret
at the Butchershop Floor (195 E. 26th Ave @ Main,

"An evening of performance and works by emerging local artists.
Seriously." Hosted by Ehren Salazar.

Featuring Tachikoma, Birdband, da Bjork-Man, Taz Van Rassel, EC Moffat,
least one Heartfelt Apology and a mess of special guests TBA. Quite
possibly your last chance to catch live music at this particular

Tachikoma Tomorrow.

It certainly SEEMS like I have a show tomorrow. And I'm all ready for it. But is the show ready?

It's supposed to be at the Butcher Shop at 26th and Main, tomorrow, Dec 29, in the evening sometime. But if it is on, this will be the last show at the Butcher Shop ---- the cdn govt is cracking down on legal businesses, as the Globe and Mail reports ---- and I can't get in touch with Rowan, the organizer, by email or phone.... butchershop's phone line is disconnected it seems....


I hope it's still on!!
So come!!

if you want more info, call the Tachikoma Hotline at 778 322 0173, anytime today or tomorrow, and i'll give you the most up-to-date information. Engage Tachikoma Special Internet.....

December 23, 2005

Tachikoma Shows - Incoming.

I got a few live shows planned in the coming days. Some are confirmed, some are pending.... but the status of all of them will be constantly updated during the days to come, on this here blog.

DECEMBER 29 / 2005

Tachikoma is performing live at The Butcher Shop. Rumor has it that this will be the LAST show at the Butcher....

DECEMBER 31 / 2005

Tachikoma is performing live at an early show headed by Rusty in connection with Boom City Bull, an up-and-coming comic. This show will be the launch of the comic, and will finish in time to let you get to any New Year's parties you have in mind.

JANUARY 21 / 2006

Tachikoma is curating Tachikoma Night at Blim, featuring both The Boats and [710W3] from this ol' bloglabel.

FEBRUARY ? / 2006

Tachikoma is performing a short set as part of Signal And Noise 2006 at Video-In.

December 21, 2005

You call that an upgrade?

The Geofront let me down. The lack of a buzzer prevented a potential studio jammer (The Boat) from making it to our last practice before Z-mas. Damn. In the new year, shit is gonna be more organized.

December 20, 2005

Superflat Single #21 / tachikoma

Another extra-long Tachikoma multi-song live session is laminated in digital audio for your listening pleasure. This track is a perfect one to drop right now, because it delivers all the post-broken-beat drum programming that the TriggerFinger makes possible in the Geofront. This recording was produced by Tachikoma using an Mp3 player loaded with old Tachikoma tracks and filtered by an Alesis AirFX for the backing tracks, and The Boats' SP-303 sampler for the unquantized drums.

"The two-fingered drum set" is what Kid Acne called it. Really, there's nothing like the feel of an audio photo of an antique snare at your fingertips.......

December 19, 2005

Geofront Upgrades.

This'll be a text-only post, just to report that the Geofront recieved upgrades of Sirius Satellite Radio content feed as well as an M-Audio "Trigger Finger." 24-7 commodore drum machine programming!

December 16, 2005

A Love Supreme.

Supreme, Suprema and that stupid dog with the telepathic speakers on his collar reinforce some gender roles in this omake image from Awesome Universe Handbook volume 1.

[Some people have commented on all the comic-related images from the blog in the last couple days. I'm just throwing them in to display examples of visual art I like, and to document the JPGs that pass in front of my eye-hole every day. I read so much damn manga on the conpyutaa..... ]

December 15, 2005


I got a free 2.0 megapixel 2nd-hand digital camera. Get get get!!!!!! Now I can blog it up future-style..... no more daguerrotypes and woodblock engravings for me!!!

Now all our images won't have to just be screenshots from the Geofront!


December 13, 2005

Superflat Single #20 / [710W3]

November has come, and gone.... and produced this track.

I heard this track in November, freezing my ass off outside the Tachikoma show at Video-In. I remember noticing at the time that it was highly polished, and that the man-machine called [710W3] had obviously devoted a large part of his RAM to processing the midi involved. Before the track was over, I declared my respect for the track to the man-machine, but he only said, in that metallic vocoder voice of his; "Oh man, you didn't even even hear the END.... that's the GOOD part...."

Then he crawled off to quietly self-destruct in the rain.

December 12, 2005


I was just re-re-reading Penguin Brothers, a classic misanthropic manga. This scene is a brilliant one, although it looks a little cliched out of context.... as if we couldn't guess who was behind that mask!!!

(Isshiki-kun de sho ka, ne.....?)

Also did you know you can click on the photo to see it much bigger? True story.

December 9, 2005

The King.

Another example of brilliant mise-en-panel, this time from Alan Moore's Supreme.

December 7, 2005


A creative way to do boring old voice-overs is found in Youngblood.

December 6, 2005


Not the regular kind of symbolism, but the actual literary movement kind. This is an example of what I would call Symbolist art. It's from "Superman meets Swamp Thing", written by Moore, naturellement. It's symbolist because there is no beast with two huge fangs that appears in the book; rather, this image just seems to be a titanic hallucination in Superman's mind....

.... oh, didn't I tell you? I'm subjecting comic book images to graphical analysis... it's the latest trend....


I was just reading some Youngblood this morning... the Alan Moore episodes.....

December 5, 2005

Superflat Single #19 / Tachikoma

Tachikoma used to live in a town called Sanda in Hyogo-ken, Japan. This song is a literal translation of the town's name; "Three Rice Fields." Please note that this track represents the highest evolution of the form of guitar playing that I developed and named "granular guitar." That is to say - all the guitar sounds here are "natural," not "processed." Organic granular synthesis... you don't see that every day.

Unless you're at the beach.


Well, the show went pretty well, I have to say. For me it was a test of the Tachikoma Live Performance hardware, and it pulled through adequately, except that I was running out of singing-ability by the end of the show. It was quite minimal, the hardware was: just vox, MP3player, and AirFX.

Some people were like, "oh i wish I coulda come but it was so late, and you were playing for such a short time..." ... 'tis true, verily; but I don't care, and I wanna say to them, "you missed out, especially since all the OTHER musicians were so much more amazing..." and they really were...... especially the imaginary landscapes of toys that don't exist, that was cool..... in fact, any musicians from the VideoBlim show, if you wanna email me, if we talked about that, my email address is ...

Perhaps the most important decision made after the show was to activate Tachikoma Live: Vampire Edition. (Which explains the photo.) This is really just a working title but most of my friends know what it means; that there is a future kind of Tachikoma show to come that is identical to the last one, except that all the music is spooky gothic music and I am dressed in black and tossing roses about and glowering at people..... true story.

No, seriously, it's a true story....

December 3, 2005


Get psyched for the Tachikoma show tonight! Featuring new and old material.... Original Tachikoma data and errors.... details below.....

November 30, 2005

That big show.

Catch Tachikoma (or Frank Henville, as I'm listed below) performing live!
This saturday, Dec 3, at Video-in, I'll be doing a 15 minute set, and starting at around 1am.
It's gonna be unreal, so be there!!


Saturday, December 3
5 to 7 dollars, cover (sliding scale) | 9 PM

Blim and Video In presents:
Video-Blim: an X-mas Fudraiser
@ Video In: 1965 Main St.

15 minute sets of sound, performance or visuals that have a loose christmas theme. There is no censorship. Please join in the festivities.

Featuring performances by:
Lee Hutzulak & Rachael Wadham / The Creaking Planks / Metre / Vincent Parker and guests / [othr] / Square Root of Evil / souns / Frank Henville / Wendy Atkinson / Carter Hayes / Steve Wichuk / Coin Gutter

with visuals by:
Flick Harrison / Tyler McDonald / Aiden Cry / Bunnysoldier

November 29, 2005

Rats on Bats

This is a rare phenomenon that occurs in some less-than-clean garages full of cardboard; the rats and the bats put their differences aside and work together towards the greater goal of making people sick.

November 28, 2005

I always wanted a plan of my own

I sit...
I think.
I listen to Deerhoof.
I think.
I need to play drums more often.
I think.
I don't have time.
I think.
If only I slept less.
I could play drums at night
I think.
I should sleep when I'm dead.

Go get the new deerhoof album (the runners four)

Superflat Single #18 / The Boats

Recently I sampled some sounds from Troy's mind; for example, the sound of his nostalgia, and also the sound of his head hurting. This track is by Troy, or The Boats as he calls himself on the internet (he is part of a pro-boat special interest group and wants to raise awareness about the dangers of barnacles). It was actually made inside his mind, but it doesn't sound as much like his mind as mine does. It sounds more like digital assassins creeping around and throwing shurikens at you, but then the shuriken gets stuck in your arm, and you notice it's actually a 5 1/4" floppy disk......

November 25, 2005

Love Roma

Another manga I was reading through was Love Roma, a brilliantly drawn "EP" about .... well, it's about all the same things that manga are usually about, but better. 14% better. Good characterization.

My favorite character is the hero's best friend, Tsukahara: in fact I try to dress like him. He's the guy in the bottom right hand corner with the glasses....

Robot Attack

I was reading Gundam Seed, the manga, today, and thought I'd post some images of well-designed robot art from the Gundam Seed art book I once downloaded.....

I'm working on making our audio toys look more like this....

November 24, 2005

The Field

If you've ever wondered where 'the field' that the blipsandifs thoughts are created in

November 22, 2005

Superflat Single #17 / tachikoma

I wrote a song about how it sounds inside Troy's mind. Let's just say you were inside his mind; for sightseeing purposes, perhaps, or collecting geological samples, or because you are in a comic book and he read you. So when you are in his mind, there is a 7.1 surround sound home theatre system playing this music. It's the theme from his mind. Also, 36.4% of the samples used in this track were sampled from Troy's mind.

November 19, 2005

We're back

The MP3's are back anyway. The main site will be in reconstruction for a little while, this site, right here, is always the best place to come out and find out what's happening with the worlds first bloglabel. (there is nothing better than stupid animated gifs)

November 17, 2005

What happened to everything?

We're switching servers, so nothing is working today at the main site and our MP3 downloads are subsequently down. In lue of our official Mp3's you should check out the 45 minute Mp3 at boomcity radio. Episode 1 includes a number of songs developed by the blipsandifs producers, as well as many fantastic songs by their friends and collaborators. The blipsandifs MP3's will be back up within a day. I promise.

Audio Toy Field Test #3

Gronk. Sounds like when you drive your car over a cement meridian. It's actually the name of a proposed audio toy. The design seemed simple as Tachikoma described it to me, and sure enough it should be. What's really going to make this toy fun are the sounds I've been sent to program into the device.
This post is also to aide in explaining our design techniques used in the field tests. Cardboard and felt pens are major productivity tools. Multiple colours are always an asset. If your track back to AT Field Test #1 you can see that chalk pastels are also a great option. The point is: long before we sit at the computer we take a trip to 'the field' and brainstorm. Some people use napkins, we happen to have lots of cardboard. Any which way, pre-production is the best way to ensure a smooth production.

November 16, 2005

The Geofront.

I finally have a new studio computer.... a cheap, obsolete desktop PC. It's called the Geofront, referring to its mystical connection with anime and manga and music (did you know that Tachikoma is a conscious exploration of links between Japanese culture and Western music? True Story).

For most people it would be a down- or at best a cross-grade, but for me, the Geofront is a huge step Up. Remember, I started with a 5 gigabyte laptop with 128mb of RAM.... and that computer, the Black Ark, is still a functioning member of my studio.... especially if you need some ReBirth work done!

All I'm trying to point out is.... for 500$cdn you can get a complete music solution in a box. As for software, there's tons you can download illegally and legally, or you can buy a copy of Computer Music and get a whole soft studio on CD-r for 20$..... I'm not trying to diss on synth purchasers and purchases.... it's just that PCs are such good value for the dollar these days!!!

November 15, 2005

Superflat Single #16 / self oscillate

One of the things that self oscillate and I talk about is our remix collaboration project thing - he's a member of signalform, and I'm the only Tachikoma. It's been so many years in the making.... it really has. Too many. And whenever we're emailing back and forth about it, I'm always struck with a sensation of jealousy, because Superflat Singles come out every week, packaged and grinning, with their sleek digital coats shimmering in the dawn....

.... good thing I still venerate the printing press! And good thing self oscillate keeps passing me these wicked electronic tracks to upload......

November 14, 2005

Audio Toy Field Test #2

AT Field #2 includes an image I sampled tonight. It was taken in my living room. That really is my "work bench" there. Due to simplicity the first intended audio toy should be a mix of those things there on my piano. I'm about halfway through that book, though it's influence will affect how I manage the creation of audio toys rather than the toys directly. If your interested in making interactive entertainment I recomend it, it's a good book. (Sampled the picture tonight? Yes technically it's not a photograph, it's a digital image)

November 11, 2005

Audio Toy Field Test #1

blipsandifs Audio Toys are well underway. What is an audio toy? A musical instrument presented as an explorative toy in the Macromedia Flash environment. Toys you can't step on, don't get lost under beds, never need to be cleaned and are fun for all ages. We don't know the exact time you'll get to be able to see, hear, and play an audio toy so check back soon for future Audio Toy Field Tests.

November 9, 2005

so then Sol went up to the guys and ask for an autograph.

live from the blackest of arcs

Big Meeting. You can't come.

It's just for blipsandifs producers, sorry!! Yeah, no seriously though... we're having a meeting tonight. Hopefully the changes to blipsandifs discussed in the meeting will be up on this site real soon for you to check out!!

November 8, 2005

Signalform and noiseform

Tachikoma just sent in his application to Signal and Noise ---- the hottest multispeaker sound explosion since Edgar Varese! It's a chance for all Vancouver-based electronic musicians to contribute a 20-minute set.... 710W3 and drunkenboats, I'm looking at you guys: deadline is Nov 15 for submissions to be RECIEVED in the mail.... get movin!!! .... you too Catscam.... selfoscillate, ok, you're off the hook this year... but you better be there in 2007 ^_^

November 7, 2005

Tachikoma / 16mm

Another of Jason da Silva's many films with Tachikoma backing audio data is playing in NYC. There's a good summary of his film career there too.... man.... that guy sure gets Tachikoma's music heard by a lot of people.

November 5, 2005

Superflat Single # 15 / Tachikoma

Tachikoma is currently devoting an even pound of time per day for Audio Toy Development. We'll be showing you all about this very soon. To make up for the missing MP3 this past week we are releasing a huge 15 minute track by Tachikoma. I saw Tachikoma play live at the blim show. I may not have noticed he was playing had I not known the red box on his lap was his infamous Korg Micro Modular. He was a statue twisting knobs and breathing his only motion (except for the laughing), this was good in this case as he was providing the soundsccape for a puppet show based on either Dostoyevsky or Burroughs, they had high pitched voices so it was hard to tell.

November 4, 2005

[[scan]] IV

A claim from "The Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov. He should know.

November 3, 2005

[[scan]] III

A short quote from a book on Feng Shui that's always on my desk....

November 2, 2005

Welcome to Tachikoma night.

Just a heads up, or perhaps I should say rumor, that Tachikoma has been commissioned to curate an entire evening of programming at Blim. The date is still to be confirmed, but acts will include J-Ray on puppets, a DJ set and a live performance by Tachikoma, contributions from other Blips and Ifs producers like Tron and Moil..
A good, bizarre time will definitely be had by all. So please take warning rude boys and girls.......

October 24, 2005

asdf is !@#$

I was somehow accidentally transported to this site, I really have no idea how I got there. Woke in a dark place with 4 letters staring at me. It was odd as my vision began to focus to see such a vague thing with so accurate a definition. asdf really is a great definition for a great many things. Although my cohorts may disagree, the concept of blips and ifs really is asdf; though not necessarily the ones defines by the site. asdf IS the subject line that has no subject. I've used it myself on hundreds of occasions. If there was an image to accompany this blog it would be this: asdf
(please note I personally consider l33t a non-valid format of blogging)

[[scan]] II

I've chosen a classic Zen verse to murder with my idiosyncratic calligraphy...

October 21, 2005

[[scan]] I

I had hoped to purchase an extremely cheap digital camera with which to produce many blog images... but even the cheapest is beyond my grasp. However, I managed to purchase a 2nd-hand Kensington PocketScan.... a cute little mini-scanner that can only scan business cards.

(The example above is the only business card I could find in my house. It's from a show that the Air Conditioners, aka SpaceRock2000, played at NewMusicWest in Vancouver.)

So my new, personal medium is the business card. I intend to buy them in bulk, elegantly write and draw on them and create collages using paper media, and then scan them. They're like punch cards in an old mainframe computer.

Note: I like media.

October 19, 2005

(the show is web only)

As an experriment, i've decided not to tell anyone about the show (in the post below) except the people who read this blog.

I wonder if I'll see you there??? Blogpower engage!

October 18, 2005

Tachikoma meets the Catscam (uptown).

Big Show! You Should Go!

This Saturday at post-gallery/post-cafe/post-venue The Butcher Shop in Vancouver (near Main and 26th), Tachikoma will be collaborating with J Ray.... (see the tiniest font on the poster.)

The show will be 45% music, 21% puppetry, 1.6% anarchy.

Be there or be socially acceptable!

October 17, 2005

Superflat Single #14 / [(710W3)]

Ripped in a regular digital frenzy by [710W3]. 'Broken green light' continues his search for unnatural virtual light fixtures. One might say this is the soundtrack to go with them, or that he was heavily influenced by Corpse Bride this weekend. Finding the right lighting can be a long and elusive task but it's one that [710W3] isn't afraid of.
Reflection has always been a huge part of the [710W3] style. Mixes of direct, diffused, and his signature negative light once again create a powerful, yet laid back superflat single.

October 11, 2005

Superflat Single #13 / Milk Jaggar & Cheese Richards

In the spirit of October, blipsandifs releases its 13th superflat single.

Straight outta the Garage de la Hotel Hastings. These two old skool rockers were trapped for 14 hours on the second sub-floor of the hotel. Luckily, this is all untrue, and the two happened to have with them a Tascam 4-track Recorder. Milk and Cheese had a horrible Thanksgiving trapped in an dingy parking garage, but it doen't mean you have to...

Please enjoy playing cowboys & glens this Thanksgiving season.

Tachikoma Live

Finally the Tachiko has a Tachi-show.

15 minutes of solid uninterrupted nonexistent microsound will pour forth from his audiohole on Saturday, December 3rd, at "Video-Blim: an X-Mas ho Ho HO down."

The event is being held at Video In (1965 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, V5T 3C1) and being curated by Blim. And they guarantee quality.

Also the cover will be cheap.

So be there, or be popular.

October 6, 2005

Superflat Single #12 / the drunken boats

There is no love today, no love.... or so it's been suggested. Then along comes a couple of drunken boats saying, here's that love that you wanted.

Perhaps you recall these intoxicated vessels from a previous Blipsandifs single.... i.e. our first one. Drunken boats are now 41% angrier than before. That's an improvement. So it's almost like they're offering you the track because they don't need love any more, but if you wanna use the love, go ahead, you can use it, just don't break it. I didn't get the extended warranty.

October 4, 2005

Blips and ifs stylee.

You know how we do at blipsandifs. Sometimes the posts are just a little.... laid back. Cuz we're from the Vancity and shit.

Sigh.... tachikoma almost wants to pass out when he thinks of all the stuff on the table at blipsandifs. We got big portions of media content to serve you, I promise. So hang in there, our loyal supporters: we'll be pumpin' out the content again soon enough.


September 26, 2005

Superflat Single #11 / catscam

Catscam is a recently resurrected Vancouver-based electronic group. We've secured this track from them for our Superflat Singles series: it's easily the longest single we've released so far. It's a sprawling, brawling explosion of murky electromayhem which reminds one of Gong and Fushitsusha in certain places. Turn it up loud and run for cover.

September 22, 2005


Today we feature a huge interview with Signalform, previously known as Dron and recording for various Eurolabels, and currently in collaboration with Tachikoma.

I is Ingo.
C is Christoph.
F is Frederik.


1. When did you start making music? And why?

i started making music in 1993.
i just wanted to try it out, and in the end i liked
it so much that i got stuck there.

In the late eighties. It was fun playing around with a
four track sequencer on my Commodore Amiga.

I the early nineties. I was drawn into it when doing
musical experiments together with Frederik.

2. Before you 'officially' began to make music, were
you a musical person? Or did you have a musical upbringing?

I: i did mix-tapes and had a couple of dj-approaches since 1987,
but i'm not really musically educated in a sense that i can
play an accoustic instrument or something like that.

No and no.

I was heavily infected with dance music by my brother
and tried cutting tapes, but had no musical background.

3. How do you see your music as different from that of
the artists that influenced your development?

as long as evolution goes on, people will develop their own
sound, even when they play in the same genre and had the
same influences. this is also reflected in our own music.

Hard to say. We onced recieved an email where the author wrote,
our music sounds refreshing. I think that's the best way
to describe it.

i value those artists for the things they do differently from
those i do myself, probably the same applies to our own tracks.

4. How do you think your music will be changed by the
development of technology in the future? Or will your music remain the

technology will change our music for sure, it always did.
i can see that new software technology will have a big impact,
especially when it uses a dedicated hardware controller,
but i cannot name the results. as studio musicians we heavily
use sequencing rather than playing live, so maybe a new
kind of sequencer will lead to massive changes our music.

Every technological possibility changes the music. Progress
enables us to discover new, unprecedented sounds. It is like
moving the deep space frontier a little bit further.
However the style will never change.

we will certainly find a way to warp new technologies into our
environment. our horizon and with it our music will change for sure.

5. Do you feel that an early exposure to video games
led you to become an electronic musician?

a clear yes. 20 years ago i liked chiptunes and
videogame/computer music better than most radio programs.
well, to some extend this is still valid today.

Yes. I liked the sounds of the video games and the demos.
These where sounds I never heard before an that attracted me.

sure. still those weirdly futuristic sounds come onto my
mind when doing a track and composing sounds.

6. If you could compose music for a musical ensemble
from another culture or historical period, what would that ensemble be?

that would be rather difficult for me, i don't think that i would
do it. but if i had to, i'd choose something japanese,
with a lot of percussion in it :-)

I think present time is a very good time to make music.

generally, i think electronic sounds have more edge over 'organic'
instruments. if i were thrown back in time, i could imagine trying
tuned percussion, percussive repetitive music.

7. Which natural (or environmental) sounds do you hear
that you would like to record?

a garden with singing birds, buzzing insects and floating water.

Water, rain, chatter, wind.

insects and traffic noises.

8. If you could design a musical instrument what
features would it include?

it would be an electronic instrument and
it would do all kinds of different synthesis
forms at once, with a fully modular concept.
it would have lots of knobs, jacks and joysticks.

A hardware controller for every parameter.
'Almost total recall': the value for every parameter would be the
same when you recall a sound. However the sound would be slightly
different and there has to be no way to discover why nor to restore
the original sound.

a portable, visually and ergonomically elaborated instrument with
lots of controls, every sound generating method imaginable and
a pattern based sequencer.

9. Do you believe that dance music is following a
progressive or a retrogressive trend? Or to put it another way ... is
there any hope for dance music? Will it become more interesting in the
future, or ape the past more accurately?

mainstream dance music is like fashion, new and old trends come in
alternating order.
the underground will evolve for sure. we just have to wait, see and

There is hope for dance music as long as future dance music will differ
from todays understanding of dance music.

dance music in my experience has always been about making an
so it will definitely evolve, selectively recycling but always moving

10. Electronic musicians often report that their gear
has irregular glitches. Have errors in your gear's
hard- or software ever aided your composing?

i own a korg ms20 which is slightly broken. it does strange
things when feeding it external audio signals, then it plays all
kinds of ghost notes and modulates in a really wild way.
this is very funny, so i didn't repair it.

No. Only errors in operating the gear.

i regard each real instrument as being a unique thing, so any glitches
are a part of its character which you can make use of. but i don't use
glitches conciously.

11. Do you ever build 'noodles,' or randomly
generative synth patches? If not, how do you introduce elements of
randomness into your work?

randomness is not an obvious part of our music, it is more "under the
we use random events for modulation purposes, not so much for playing

Rarely. Elements of randomness are introduced by human error.

as a source of inspiration, yes. controlled randomness in a track also.

12. Do you believe that digital technology will
liberate or constrict musicians legally (in your lifetime)?

digital technology is cheaper, so it will be liberating especially
for the underground scene, where the budget is always tight.

Neither of them. Digital technology is just another way with its own
possibilities and restrictions. Legal liberation or constriction is
not due to technology but politics.

any technology can be used to create, i tend to be optimistic about

September 20, 2005


There's only one thing Tachikoma likes about Vancity: Blim. Luckily, Blim's back.

September 19, 2005

Superflat Single #10 / self oscillate

Our superflat singles series has reached a decade!

And what better way to do it with this light, gossamer, airborne track, composed on a flight from Germany to Lanzarote by the oscillation station, Self Oscillate.

Stay tuned for a century more of singles!

September 16, 2005

Tower of Power

Tachikoma's cd is now available online at Tower Records !!! Check out his new bio there, and leave a review of the cd! Even if you've bought the cd from Shima or Blips and Ifs, you can still leave a review at Tower Records, and it'll make Tachikoma's sales go up.... and when sales go up, rainforests are saved. It's a proven medical fact.

Melty McMeltdown.

We had a meeting of the triumvirate of Blips and Ifs producers last night to sit around a computer and redesign our homepage. Instead we ended up sitting around a piece of cardboard .... because Moil's computer had a meltdown. He's the guy who does all the tech stuff (and so much more) for Blips and Ifs, so - there probably won't be a Superflat Single update this weekend. Sorry about that, but stay tuned and we'll find a workaround. We always win!

September 15, 2005

Unreal beats.

The closest thing I've found to another bloglabel on the web so far is the inaccurately titled -- only they do reissues rather than new stuff. But their tunes are absolutely pants-shittingly good .... especially "Bounce For Relief."

September 12, 2005

Superflat Single #9 / mad:ox

Drop the needle on this submarine hiphop instrumental from the Englishman with the English plan. John Maddocks, the owner of Shima Records, is behind the programming.

Hey have you ever listened to all 9 of your Blips and Ifs mp3s in a row? There's quite a flow, you'll find. You don't necessarily need to set your mp3 player to random mode all the time..... continuity can be friendly.

Japan Hallucination I

Shinto purification ritual at Engyoji.

Taiwan Hallucination IV

My apartment building in Wanhua district.