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November 3, 2006

Audio Toy Field Test #6

There is great excitement from the field. Tachikoma's unique brand of ambient noises have now been fitted into the main housing unit of 'Gronk'. Other recent advances also include a mystery glitch in the programming that was causing only the last sound to play. This situation has been resolved by adding permanent containment unit for each of the sounds. Prior to this addition, as one sound was loaded in, the next sound was taking it's predecessors place. By adding individual containment units all sounds now have a place to go. After a little more code tweaking to smooth out sound transitions the first Audio Toy will be released before the end of 2006. Projected forecast is for later this week.

This is a major achievement as Audio Toys are one of the last remaining goals of blipsandifs for the year 2006. All we have left is the Tachikoma Instrument Collection to begin and we will WIN!

Image was drawn by 'The Boats' in the original Board Room of Blips and Ifs (aka Hotel Hastings). Became the inspiration for Superflat Single #13.

Here is a sample of code from the upcoming Audio Toy:

//Sound Relations
//invisible dragon _X+_Y converted to a percentage.(0-100)
percentSlider = int((this.invisibleDragon._x + this.invisibleDragon._y)/2.25);

//set up vol3
if (percentSlider>50){
vol3 = ((percentSlider+50)*2)-200;
}else(vol3 = 0);

//set up vol2
if (percentSlider<50){
vol2 = ((percentSlider-33)*3)*2;
vol2 = ((-(percentSlider-33)*3)*2)+200;
vol2 = 0;

//set up vol1
if (percentSlider<50){
vol1 = (-percentSlider+50)*2;
}else(vol1 = 0);

trace("A: "+vol1);
trace("B: "+vol2);
trace("C: "+vol3);

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