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November 1, 2006

Superflat Single #47 / [710W3]

Superflat Single #77 - Roller Coaster by [710W3]The song was an instantanious joke from the start, but I really loved playing and singing it on my piano, my poor piano. Our old upstairs neighbours gave it to us when we moved out of our that home. Then for a good year and a half at the next house I would play daily. Pounding keys and blarring out at the top of my lungs when no one was home, and often when they were. Then we moved again. We are very fortunate to have this rental, I really like it here. A great view and lots of convienience. Except I lost two things when we moved in. My office, and worst of all the piano. Niether of them are really gone, don't let me mislead you. My office has become a bedroom office and more. The piano only made it to the garage. It's getting cold out and I'm worried it might get lonely, I haven't played it in months. The garage is great for working on my comic book, but it doesn't have the right mood for jamming. One day I'll get that piano inside and I'll play my heart out. I miss my piano.
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