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April 30, 2006

Tachikoma NYC patrol.

On patrol here, blogging from the VIP Filmmakers Lounge of the TriBeCa film fest. Shit is mad going down in the hizz. Jason is not a good enuf producer of himself so I have been elected for the role of unpaid promoter/consumer of free burritos.

Top Ten Unexpected Things About Tachikoma In New York:

10. It's not asia, but I'm there.
9. Jason is currently squatting in his apartment even though he makes more money than I do.
8. Filmmakers (such as me) in TriBeCa can hang out in a lounge with OPEN BAR EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK.
7. I got another show here (other than Knitting Factory show) at an art fag show on Saturday.
6. I went to texas, but I chose not to mess with it.
5. NYC actually kinda reminds me of Taipei more than I thought. It's the rusty train stations.
4. NYC peoples really like to use Blackberrys and mini-cell-puters. Even in nightclubs. For Actual. You may be wearing cooler clothes than me but you look like a nerd.
3. We are living off of free shit. Or very cheap. $1 Empenada shop near Jason's apartment.
2. It's sunny and the air smells nice.
1. On my first night here we got dropped off in Harlem at 3 am and we went to Dunkin Donuts. We are currently still alive.

That is all for now..... tachikoma signoff.

April 26, 2006

Signal and Noise and Tachikoma.

Come out and support or heckle Tachikoma at his big live electro-show.

11pm is the Tachikoma set.

100% Non-New Material!! Tachikoma is reliably identical to himself.

April 20, 2006

Tachikoma: Live In Two Countries.

Tachikoma Big International Tour 2006 is starting soon:

APRIL 27, Vancouver, BC

Tachikoma is playing at 11pm, somewhere in a big long building on Granville Island, as part of Signal and Noise 2006, organized by Video In. Come and hear Tachikoma singing and using the theremin-like "AirFX" box, pretending he is a J-Pop singer, sampling anime tracks, and improvising on 2 Gameboys simultaneously! It's an Art Fag experience like no other.

MAY 3, New York, NY

Somehow, Tachikoma bribed his way into a gig at the Knitting Factory, a famous place in New York which has as much Rock as it has Yarn. Probably the set will be kinda stripped-down, just MP3player and AirFX. But it's NYC baby. Plus there'll be Tachikomamusic in the Tribeca film festival, which is during the first week of May. Lucky.

That's the whole tour, but still, come out and support the Tachikoma Crappy Anime-Sampling IDM Rock Experience if you can!

April 12, 2006

Superflat Single #34 / Harpoon

For the last couple of months there have been dubby, electronic, confusing, space-cowboy jam sessions in my apartment. Tachikoma plus The Boats plus an independently wealthy Lebanese gentleman add up to: HARPOON, the most violently-named band in a 4 metre radius. This track is a sprawling indesign file of mad digital improv. The bass lines are rubbery and hypnotic, the drumming delayed and bitreduced, the synths all bendy and cheesy sounding. Way too many Brass patches for anyone's good. Tachikoma pieced it together from 3 separate jams and stuck in a couple of gameboy landscapes for good measure.

We haven't jammed in a long time, because The Boats were finishing up their dual Ph.D.'s in graphic design and advanced pork processing. But now they are all done with that and we can get back to the task at hand: unpredicable randomized space-cowboy dub. Good thing we are releasing this now so we can listen to it ourselves and remember we're awesome.

Oh wait, that's the whole reason for this blog.

See you, space cowboy......


Listen to blipsandifs034.mp3 - 22.4MB

April 5, 2006

Etherworks collaboration with Blipsandifs

The process has begun and the product is ready. The first of a series has been posted at My good friend Brett Gaylor has taken an unreleased blipsandifs single and added a video blog. All very exciting...we'll do up a real nice post explaining all of this very soon.
Etherworks VLOG "Moving Beijing" featuring music by [710W3].

April 3, 2006

Superflat Single #33 / Tachikoma

Back when I lived in Taiwan, I'd ride the train from the middle point of the island, where I lived, to Taipei in the north. Programming my gameboy synthesizer with a pair of headphones, I'd gaze at the industrial parks unraveling with the landscape. I remember seeing gas flares at the top of ominous chimneys blazing uselessly in the middle of the night. The enormous, now redundant Hsinchu Industrial Park was the inspiration for many train-programmed songs.

These days, condemned to live in paradise, I often get nostalgic for the days when industrial dinosaurs towered over the cityscape, so much more inspiring than the modest socialist half-highrises I'm surrounded with now. This track, recorded in the paleolithic era, will probably be the last fossil excavated from the Blips and Ifs archive for a while. We gotta move forward like a big stupid brontosaurus. In the coming weeks there will be new, anti-nostalgic tracks, video collaborations, Electroplankton improvisations, audiotoy experiments.... anything so long as it's new. I gotta shed my skin. So do you.

Listen to blipsandifs033.mp3 - 7MB