cruft for the world.

April 17, 2009

incinerate files.

first attempt at uploading track to BAI.

if you can download a track from that link, then, I have learned something.
The song, if you can hear it, is me on vox and pete on 12 strings.

Glaiven ~

*** frink noise ***

my bad.
no mp3s ready yet. my inner demons have been monopolizing our time.
our show is tomorrow at about this time.
that's been a monopoly too. But on sunday, the monopoly is over and I can get back to healthy regular activities like clue and risk.

I mean MP3 uploading. Yeah. I will have to have an EP ready by our June gig or it'll be 6 more weeks of self-flagellation and nobody wants that.

There should be a video and various photos of the gig too. Links will materialize. Believe me.

April 11, 2009

more represents.

T3R had a rehearsal today, got another tomorrow. going well.
recording for our demo is also progressing nicely, despite today's setbacks.
mp3s will be uploaded as soon as demo is done and approved.


thought I'd upload a list of all the songs we know or almost know. including indications for covers, without further etc:

(learned for our first show, though not all songs were played.)

1. Fuck You
2. Miller Lite
3. The Perfect Letter
4. Long Time No See
5. Canoe (Lyrics by Davey)
6. About You (written by Erics Trip)
7. Incinerate Me
8. Another Lonely Day (by Ben Harper)
9. Her Boyfriend's White
10. Police And Theives (by Junior Marvin / Lee Perry)

(learned, but not currently practiced or expected to be played)

11. Monster Mash (by some fifties band)
12. House Theme Song (by Massive Attack)
13 All along the watchtower (by Bob Dylan)
14. Italy
15. Life is Long (by David Byrne)
16. Karma Chameleon (by Culture Club)

(not yet played live.)

17. When in doubt, go to China
18. Any Sense of Time (by The Inbreds)
19. Winter vs spring (Lyrics by Scott)
20. Jesus on the radio (by Guster)
21. Dancing in the Dark (by Bruce Springsteen)

April 8, 2009

The Three Represents: biographical data file.

[I tried to upload an Mp3 today but i'm at work so it didn't work. Instead, let's recap.]

Who are The Three Represents?

Well, at the beginning of 2008 Frank moved to Shenzhen in south China. On a business trip, he had previously met a Californian named Jeff who played the drums and was about to start working at the same office. They decided to form a band together. In February they located a rehearsal studio and began to play music on the weekends. Jeff would play the drum kit, Frank would play bass and run loops off of his laptop. A few recordings were made with a cassette recorder.

This was fun but it wasn't a band. When Pete - another coworker, and raised in New Hampshire - was transferred from the Beijing office to the Shenzhen office, he was drafted as a guitarist. Jeff remained on the drum throne and Frank became the vocalist as well as the bassist. This lineup rehearsed almost every weekend, beginning in April 2008. The songs were mostly old songs written by Frank, or covers of not-particularly-famous songs. Finally, we got our first show - playing on Halloween at a mall near where we all live, called "Central Walk."

After this show went well, we began to do more recording. Mostly this meant capturing our rehearsal using a macbook or an iPhone. More recently, though, we've started to work on multitrack recordings made on my computer. Also, when Pete returned from his Christmas vacation, he brought his 12-string back with him. Frank got a banjo and a cheap Chinese six-string, and Jeff bought a pair of bongos, and our acoustic lineup was finally established. We still haven't played any shows in this incarnation but our recordings are going more and more in an acoustic direction.

Disappointed with the music scene in Shenzhen, our plan for 2009 is to play 5 shows in Hong Kong, where there are many more bands, scenes, genres, venues, etc. [Plus we all love Hong Kong.] The first gig in HK will be on April 18. We also plan to release a short demo at that time, and I'll post the tracks from that here as I mix them down.

It's just about our one-year anniversary as a band, and we've finally decided on a name, too - The Three Represents.

April 1, 2009


Surprisingly, we're still here.

2009 will contain less blips, i guess. I plan to post MP3s from live recordings of the band I'm part of, The Three Represents.

While I'm still arranging that, I'll start off with just a proposed set list for our second show, which is also our first show in Hong Kong, on April 18.

***^melting p0t set list v1.1***
1. fuck you
2. any sense of time
3. incinerate me
4. miller lite
5. canoe song
6. jesus on the radio
7. winter vs spring
8. when in doubt (or Long time no see.. or perfect letter, or Life is Long).
***set list ends***
[note that only 2 or max. 3 songs are covers.]


I still need a bit of time to restring my banjo. But I can tell you that if you do tune in here, you'll hear some new tunes this year.