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December 23, 2005

Tachikoma Shows - Incoming.

I got a few live shows planned in the coming days. Some are confirmed, some are pending.... but the status of all of them will be constantly updated during the days to come, on this here blog.

DECEMBER 29 / 2005

Tachikoma is performing live at The Butcher Shop. Rumor has it that this will be the LAST show at the Butcher....

DECEMBER 31 / 2005

Tachikoma is performing live at an early show headed by Rusty in connection with Boom City Bull, an up-and-coming comic. This show will be the launch of the comic, and will finish in time to let you get to any New Year's parties you have in mind.

JANUARY 21 / 2006

Tachikoma is curating Tachikoma Night at Blim, featuring both The Boats and [710W3] from this ol' bloglabel.

FEBRUARY ? / 2006

Tachikoma is performing a short set as part of Signal And Noise 2006 at Video-In.


angrycobra said...

I love Frank.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you marry him then?