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November 28, 2005

Superflat Single #18 / The Boats

Recently I sampled some sounds from Troy's mind; for example, the sound of his nostalgia, and also the sound of his head hurting. This track is by Troy, or The Boats as he calls himself on the internet (he is part of a pro-boat special interest group and wants to raise awareness about the dangers of barnacles). It was actually made inside his mind, but it doesn't sound as much like his mind as mine does. It sounds more like digital assassins creeping around and throwing shurikens at you, but then the shuriken gets stuck in your arm, and you notice it's actually a 5 1/4" floppy disk......


the boats said...

GUY #1: dude. I love how your cheap ass sound card is crapping out and you call it "MUSIC" you can get away with anything these days.

the boats: uh...... that was wholey planned and executed in an Apple II.... I wrote that when I was like seven.... man... be a little more sensitive. GAWD!

angrycobra said...

Is that guy talking to himself?

the boats said...

GUY #1: Is that guy talking to himself?

the boats: no.... I'm talking to my Apple II.
DUH! whoever said to you there are no stupid questions was retarded....GAWD!