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November 16, 2005

The Geofront.

I finally have a new studio computer.... a cheap, obsolete desktop PC. It's called the Geofront, referring to its mystical connection with anime and manga and music (did you know that Tachikoma is a conscious exploration of links between Japanese culture and Western music? True Story).

For most people it would be a down- or at best a cross-grade, but for me, the Geofront is a huge step Up. Remember, I started with a 5 gigabyte laptop with 128mb of RAM.... and that computer, the Black Ark, is still a functioning member of my studio.... especially if you need some ReBirth work done!

All I'm trying to point out is.... for 500$cdn you can get a complete music solution in a box. As for software, there's tons you can download illegally and legally, or you can buy a copy of Computer Music and get a whole soft studio on CD-r for 20$..... I'm not trying to diss on synth purchasers and purchases.... it's just that PCs are such good value for the dollar these days!!!


[710W3] said...

You know it. Having a fresh new computer is fantastic. Can't wait to break it. (cool picture btw)

self oscillate said...

Computers are cool, but are they sexy?

[710W3] said...

Have you seen an un-sexy computer? Did I mention that picture is awesome?

Tachikoma said...

Computers are full of porn so technically they are sexy.

self oscillate said...

hehehe yes, i see that point.