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November 17, 2005

Audio Toy Field Test #3

Gronk. Sounds like when you drive your car over a cement meridian. It's actually the name of a proposed audio toy. The design seemed simple as Tachikoma described it to me, and sure enough it should be. What's really going to make this toy fun are the sounds I've been sent to program into the device.
This post is also to aide in explaining our design techniques used in the field tests. Cardboard and felt pens are major productivity tools. Multiple colours are always an asset. If your track back to AT Field Test #1 you can see that chalk pastels are also a great option. The point is: long before we sit at the computer we take a trip to 'the field' and brainstorm. Some people use napkins, we happen to have lots of cardboard. Any which way, pre-production is the best way to ensure a smooth production.

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