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September 16, 2005

Tower of Power

Tachikoma's cd is now available online at Tower Records !!! Check out his new bio there, and leave a review of the cd! Even if you've bought the cd from Shima or Blips and Ifs, you can still leave a review at Tower Records, and it'll make Tachikoma's sales go up.... and when sales go up, rainforests are saved. It's a proven medical fact.


self oscillate said...

yes, we are all going to be
billionairs from our tower records
sales and then we can buy the
whole rainforest and safe it
forever. earth would be a better
place then, so go to the tower
records website immediately and
buy tachikomas album. and mine..
please... :-)

swse2005coor said...

wow great working link, {{clap clap clap}}