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October 21, 2005

[[scan]] I

I had hoped to purchase an extremely cheap digital camera with which to produce many blog images... but even the cheapest is beyond my grasp. However, I managed to purchase a 2nd-hand Kensington PocketScan.... a cute little mini-scanner that can only scan business cards.

(The example above is the only business card I could find in my house. It's from a show that the Air Conditioners, aka SpaceRock2000, played at NewMusicWest in Vancouver.)

So my new, personal medium is the business card. I intend to buy them in bulk, elegantly write and draw on them and create collages using paper media, and then scan them. They're like punch cards in an old mainframe computer.

Note: I like media.


[710W3] said...

I remember that show, that was a good show. Space Rock 2000 and Beyond.

angrycobra said...

Ya, That show was fun...there were no line-ups at the bar.