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December 28, 2005

Definitely Yes on the Tachikoma Show.

Tachikoma show? It's a go. The details that are known are as follows:

Tachikoma is playing sometime between 8pm and 12pm on Thurs Dec 29 (aka tomorrow/today) at The Butcher Shop located at 26th and Main. He is playing a 12 minute set inna electronic and vocals stylee.

The other artists and exact orientation of artists inside the four-hour time block are undetermined as of this time. Too much noise in the signal.

Please be there to support musicians who cannot afford the entire 15 minutes of fame promised by Andy but instead have to settle for 12. And settle we shall!

slightly later update; here is the official press release. Note time change to NINE PM (9)

official announcement -

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 29th, 9 pm, $5-10 sliding scale
HIDDEN AGENDA 2010 cabaret
at the Butchershop Floor (195 E. 26th Ave @ Main,

"An evening of performance and works by emerging local artists.
Seriously." Hosted by Ehren Salazar.

Featuring Tachikoma, Birdband, da Bjork-Man, Taz Van Rassel, EC Moffat,
least one Heartfelt Apology and a mess of special guests TBA. Quite
possibly your last chance to catch live music at this particular

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