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October 18, 2005

Tachikoma meets the Catscam (uptown).

Big Show! You Should Go!

This Saturday at post-gallery/post-cafe/post-venue The Butcher Shop in Vancouver (near Main and 26th), Tachikoma will be collaborating with J Ray.... (see the tiniest font on the poster.)

The show will be 45% music, 21% puppetry, 1.6% anarchy.

Be there or be socially acceptable!

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Tachikoma said...

It`s not only Tachikoma (any many other great acts I`m sure), but also Al Madder, the minimalist jug band. Golden Calf and the Brothers Grimm has had the pleasure of playing with Al. Althought the Calf`s set was as entertaining as a train wreck, Al was absolutely golden entertainment.