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May 5, 2006

Wrappin' it up.

Only two days left in the decadence parade known as .... well, we call it the Tribeca Food Festival cuz we steal so much food.

Went to another screening, a horrible French horror movie called "Sheitan," and did more out-on-the-town exploring. Lots of good photos but unpossible to make with the uploading right now. Hanging out with Japanese makeup designers, Canadian documentary producers, Irish actors and directors.... even Swedes who tried to convince me that smoking tobacco was illegal in their country (sorry, I don't believe it).

It's a great festival because you can pick up almost anyone by asking "so what film did you work on?" Write that down, it's gold. I'm gonna use it at Vancity Int'l Film Festival next september. Because that's the followup; Jason will be back in Vanshitty for his master's degree, and he'll probably get a film into VIFF, and we will duplicate our bender precisely.

Bet on it.

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