cruft for the world.

May 30, 2006

Superflat Single #36 / [710W3]

Once again we present a track from a few years back. Ghost and the longer Line up is the album this Superflat Single originates from. Please don't freeze was among the 15 tracks inspired by the short movie Feed us. The film had a minor character which I performed, and later named: Ghost (pictured right). The character has continued to evolved from it's simple beginnings not only into one album (the original of which was written from the characters point of view) but a second album called Ghost and the shorter Remix by Tachikoma. There are also discussions of the character being developed into a full length comic book and comic possible series, from there the sky is the limit. Of course, we'll announce everything you'll need to know here at blips and ifs.

blipsandifs036.mp3 - 5.4 MB