cruft for the world.

May 24, 2006


The show was brutal. It failed brutally. During the soundczech we realized that the monitors didn't work. That was OK for the other performers cuz they use "actual instruments" and could therefore hear what key they were trying to sing in. Not the same deal for Tachikoma. I need a good PA even to do an average show. Luckily I backed out in time. I gave up my spot and also called all the people I told to come out and told them to stay home. I am good at failing! When I fail, I fail the right way.

Then I walked home in the rain.

Then I remembered I left my audio processing "orb" at the show. Crap.

I guess I am swinging on down to that there old time vegetarian restaurant ghetto, yet again.



[710W3] said...

Som3how it doesn't surpr1ze me that the Marine club had no monitors. They tend to be like that with their sound gear, no effort.

Glad it was cancelled, it means I didn't miss it, and that my job interview went great this morning.

Anonymous said...

My mouth is a homo.