cruft for the world.

May 2, 2006

Hidden Agenda's message to you rudy.

today they celebrated 20 years since expo 86.

i got to city hall when the Mayor and expo ernie were talking to the
and city officials and elementary school class.

i asked a question right away about his name infront of everyone, about
first name transpo the robot. he denied it.

i stuck around after slowly everyone left.... eventualy it was just me
ernie and his assistant. we hung out just outside the mayors office for
almost an hour. we chatted about vancouvers past present and future. i
him if he thought bc place was holding vancouver back. if he's ever
for the cops and done profile checks. he chatted about crazy expo days.
told him i never got a chance to meet him during expo but always looked
hard for him.

the assistant said that he'd like to come see little mountain
studios... i
also told them the story about how i had tried to invite ernie to
agenda, and my converasation with jimbo pattison.

i asked him too if he ever thought to be the 2010 olymoics secondary
that he could return gold platted jut like johnny 5 in short circuit.
thought it was a good idea.

his assistant took a picture of me with him on my cel phone after.

on such a windy day in vancouver, i finaly got to meet Expo Ernie.


[710W3] said...

I loved expo ernie. I also looked every where for him during the expo. I did get to meet him, but it was late in the year at a private IBM Christmas party. Ernie assisted Santa handing out presents to all the employee's children. I tried to talk to him but in retrospect I'm pretty sure he was totally hammered on the complimentary drinks.

the boats said...

uh... is it possible for tachi to be in two places at once?

angrycobra said...

The idea of Expo Ernie being re-painted gold and returning for the olympics just like Johnny 5 just blew my fucking brains out. Thanks. What am I supposed to do with that? I can't just go back to my regular life and pretend that that idea isn't out there. God damn.