cruft for the world.

February 2, 2006

You get the sugar glaze.

My crappy little mp3 player is now currently filled up with all the blipsandifs mp3s I find. It's funny, I never seem to get tired of music I've made. Not that I make all the music on this blog; I wish I made less. But the great thing about making music digitally is that the computer always remembers what you played better than you do.


Damn. It's hard to crank up my thinking device to full media-analysis power when I'm sitting here in the office taking a too long lunch break. I come up with way better theories when The Boats are at my house yelling at me for turning down Can at 1:30 am. Too bad I aint got no internet at my house.

I gotta find some way around this.... maybe composing blogposts at home in the Geofront? I'm not sure.

But anyway, big things are brewing this weekend. GHD is approaching. I'm not even going to touch on what The Boats are gonna do for that but.... it's big. Hopefully some people will post about it after the fact......

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