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February 13, 2006

710W3-LIFE #2

I was listening to Portishead while walking home one evening. I noticed their sound is so clear and intense. I even had to turn the volume down, which was odd for a walkman. It got my mind contemplating collaborations vs. individuals in relation to art. The music behind Portishead is quite foreboding. Place Beth Gibbons in front and it takes away the creepy edge and just makes it cool.

I take pride in my solo work, I believe it to be very unique and fairly interesting as experiments if not art. Thought it's through collaborations that I find some of my greatest reward. It's that I can enjoy things made with my friends with less self indulgence. I may like my sounds and art, but I prefer them applied with others.

To me mixing artist is the best production. My career as a composer for films and videos has brought much satisfaction. Creating covers for the superflatsingles has also been pure enjoyment.

Blipsandifs is now discussing a fantastic collaboration with video blogger Brett Gaylor of Etherworks. So stay tuned...

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