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February 21, 2006

blipsandifs #029 / tachikoma

Tachikoma provides another soundscape for our lives with the 29th Superflat Single from Blipsandifs. I listened to the track and heard the sounds of ship on the high seas. Something like the Bluenose. It could be any sailboat, but I thought a large Canadian one felt right for me. I'm not sure, but knowing Tachikoma's influences he may have created this track to sound more like a traditional Asian classic. When I heard it I was off the shores of Nova Scotia. You?

Listen to blipsandifs029.MP3 - 1.6MB


the boats said...


is that a re-recording or a re-mastering?


have to say it's in the runnign for #1 blips&ifs
release ever!!!! now to get your other songs form that era out!!!


Tachikoma said...

That makes sense.... moil listens to tachikoma and hears the boats.... that makes so much sense....

self oscillate said...

very very nice track :-)