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February 10, 2006

Power Up.

Work on the new Tachikoma album and live set begins this evening!

That's right. I've finally managed to wrap up the external audio manipulation projects that were taking time away from Tachikoma production. I'm happy to finally have time to start up the new album, which will be a departure in sound from previous Tachikoma stuff.... in some ways, and a throwback to the old school in other ways.

I realize that isn't clear. But I'm psyched just to be in the game, swinging. We've gotten so much good feedback on this bloglabel in the last couple of weeks that it's hard not to be energized and go out there and do what we can to make our media hallucinations into reality. At least 80% of the good ideas we've come up with haven't been realized in the Blipsandifs experience yet. It's good that there's still gas in the tank, but, starting today, I'm gonna drive my SUV around a little more. After all, a time is coming when all the gas in the world will be used up, right?

[And speaking of extended pretentious metaphors... there's even some non-musical Tachikoma production on the chopping block this month, which I still have to get to.]

Tachikoma releases won't be the only thing on the Blipsandifs podcast, neither; We'd like to announce that we've signed Galiano-based digital reggae artist Dub Bear to Blipsandifs. Unlike all the other Blipsandifs artists, Dub Bear will be releasing EXCLUSIVELY on Blipsandifs. Dub Bear's sound is difficult to describe; suffice it to say that he got dub like honey.

So don't touch that non-existent dial.....

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