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February 20, 2006


The show is confirmed! It's on. Let's do it to it! Tachikoma combining power engage!

It's at Wink, the vegetarian restaurant (Kemal, you hear that?) near Broadway, on Main. 9pm-11pm: a microshow.

This'll be another one of them "secret" shows for my "secret" fans who "secretly" prefer to listen to Coldplay. That song "yellow" is good. But actually, you should come out..... to this show... but who am I kidding? Those who go to the show won't read this blog post and vice versa. So the less I advertise, the better the turnout will be.....

This is all takin' me back to the time when I used to DJ for a roomful of ghosts, including the ghost of Phil Hartman. Good times.....

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