cruft for the world.

January 23, 2006

Total Victory.

The show was amazing.

I have no photos of it on hand but [710W3]'s significant other was clickin' away, so.... they'll be up here soon.

Thanks for all who participated! And to all our supporters! This was the first real all-in-one Blipsandifs night, and I think it went super well....


Anonymous said...

I thought it went really well also... I had fun
and everyone that came to see us and stayed for you.... (a coulpe of people from school) really liked your acoustic stuff! I'm telling you... Tachi, you would be world famous with those songs properly recorded!

the boats...

( i can't remember my password!)

angrycobra said...

I agree the classic Frank's are good news for people who love great news. 42's drummer sucked.