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January 17, 2006

Superflat Single #25/ Tachikoma

This city may be crowded. It may have caused me to choke on carbon monoxide while I cross a busy street, almost to the point of retching. This city may have drugs and crime and murder, but on a crisp cold day you can see every tree on the mountains and every steel crane above the city like a rare blue heron that only roosts here. 'City Scape Final' is a digital translation by Tachikoma regarding these great birds and the city they dwell in.

This weeks single: blipsandifs025.mp3


Anonymous said...

I love this urban crystal turning to face the dawn.

Anonymous said...

The podcast works! I successfully donwloaded the file into I-tunes, after subscribing to podcast under the advanced menu.

Tachikoma said...

A comment from John Maddocks from Shima, emailed to tachikoma....

"You know the latest superflat track (city scape final) makes me imagine walking around a metropolis city, about 6am(ish, but lets not quibble over the time,ok?), not too many people around and very light rain you can just see in the sunlight. The sun rays reaching out between the skyscrapers as you walk downtown. That was my first sight of Tokyo from the coach, I was listening to my walkman and couldn't believe my eyes, a totally nother world...awesome memory forever, thanks man!!!
Infact just noticed that tracks been on loop for about 6 times now :-D"

self oscillate said...

the track is so cool.
well done, frank.