cruft for the world.

January 10, 2006


The new year is cranking at full productivity, and Blips and Ifs is doing it's best to keep up.

Right now the bloglabel is going through a few changes. [710W3] cast a +6 summon spell and summoned up a Podcast with the help of red mage Brett. That's been a much discussed feature that we wanted to add, we just didn't have enough MP, so [710W3] drank some Ether.

As for The Boats, he's in NYC, and wrapping up his graphic design school. And as for m'self, I'm just hanging in there. I haven't been posting as much because.... my access to the internet has been limited. [710W3]'s been helping me out, which is awesome, but I'm gonna try and blog more.

Please bear with us, and thanks for regularly tuning in! Remember: At Blips and Ifs, quality is job 6.

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