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January 4, 2006

Superflat Single #23/Tachikoma

December 31, 2pm three musicians donned their performance gear and began a two and a half hour show. Celebrating the new years arrival and the release of a boomcity comic book the eggnog was almost as good as the sounds. The show was not recorded, nor filmed. Except by the mind of Tachikoma. Returning home he quickly placed notes on digital parchment and re-enacted the show. Blips and Ifs 23rd Superflat single is the spectacluar result.

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Tachikoma said...

When we were inside the show, no one was watching us but the art on the walls. Then we went and stood outside the show for a smoke break with our horns and humps and got paranoid because everyone who drove through the industrial district was staring at us.... on galiano they wouldn't have stared!!!