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January 11, 2006

To Be Continued.

Yesterday I finally finished the first edit of the score of To Be Continued, Jason da Silva's newest film. The programming was greatly speeded up and improved by the addition of the M-Audio Trigger Finger USB interface, new in the Geofront. The soundtrack is a weird pastiche of new age pads, minimal hip hop beats, and languid Rhodes.... in fact I hope to post a few or all of the tracks from it up here, after I consult with the Blips and Ifs team. And then we can podcast it..... victory!


kiwimatt said...

I just listened to the Tachikoma single "There's no reason to stay". It's cool- and the voice sounds familiar. Is that you, Frank? Reminds me a bit of Robert Scott of the NZ band The Bats.

Tachikoma said...

Yup, that is me, aka frank. That recording is from 2000, though....

Unfortunately I never heard of The Bats though.