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July 31, 2005

Superflat Single #3 / tachikoma

The following track is free. Grab it asap.

It adheres to superflat dogma by working especially well when generating the impulses for a generic mp3 playback screensaver. Headphones are indicated.

Another thing that can be said about this track is that it is psychedelic in structure. It's a symbolist moon guitar solo.


angrycobra said...

My favorite part of that track is when the music got so quiet (or non-existent) that it kind of freaked me out. And I don't mean it freaked me out in an "Holy Shit, that blew my fucking mind" kind of way, but more a "What the fuck was that?", home alone kind of way. But not a Culkin "Home Alone" kind of way, a "naked, ru-runs of Blossom" kind of way.

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