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July 17, 2005

Superflat Single #1 / the drunken boats

The long awaited primary mp3 is here for your downloading pleasure. The artists responsible for this track are known as the drunken boats. The vancouver-based computer unit processed an unreleased recording of an old project, namely second narrows. This fragment of post-math can be heard right at the beginning of this track, before the drunken boats proceed to navigate through its architecture with a fine-toothed loop, extracting and isolating viral melodies and latent chord progressions. What they came up with, they labeled "secondteennarrows."

We're proud to have "secondteennarrows" as our first release. Around a week from now, blipsandifs will be uploading the second mp3 in this series and an accompanying cover. So after a week of broadcasting, this data will no longer be available for download. Proceed quickly to download this mp3 and its cover, above, to the same folder on your hard drive.

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angrycobra said...

That is good music. I want to draw him.