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July 29, 2005

Show Tomorrow / Today

Unexpectedly, there will be a blipsandifs-related show on Saturday, July 30, featuring impromptu djing from Tachikoma and mathematical rock from The Impossible Machine. It's at Club Adonai, in Vancouver, once known as the Columbia.

If you are in the immediate vincinity, come on out to Club Adonai in the evening for a set list generated according to aleatory processes.


angrycobra said...

Did yo hear that they are going to make a movie about todays show? Here are the details:

Tachikoma will be played by screen legend, Tom Sizemore.

The Impossible Machine will be played by the cast of TLC's "while you were out"

It starts off slow, but then when the stage gets highjacked by Liv Tyler (played by Margaret Cho), things really heat up. This movie is going to change the way you* do business.

* Denotes hidden Easter Egg

Tachikoma said...

Comments are believable. That's what I like best about them: their verisimilitude.