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July 19, 2005

Fictional Interviews I / the drunken boats

The glow from the monitor illuminates their faces as one curses under his breath and attempts to scan the image again. It's 9pm. I'm drunk. The drunken boats are sober, and they're trying to put the cover together.

It's artier than it looks. Serious art was considered and weighed before arting began. There was an artish aroma in the air of the room too... an airconditioned air... you can smell the paintbrushes... and the murky water... and the freshly printed catalogues... jona's coffee... cigarettes... glossy commercial images for retail purposes... it's pretty like that, in the college where they go to school and study. I'm sure we shouldn't be here at this hour of the night but that interests me very little.

It may be the magic hour outside but inside the monitors provide the only light. The drunken boats hover over the scanner and speak to each other in hushed voices.

BAI: Hey guys. So are you surprised this release is finally seeing the light?
TDB1: Not particularly.
TDB2: We've been talking about releasing this for so long.
BAI: Well, I have reasons to be worried about what we release. After all, I tried to sign that one band, and they were all like, you copied my music, you stole it, and I just wanted to show my appreciation for their music.
TDB2: Yeah but that's in the past now.
BAI: True. So tell me about your future plans for recording.
TDB2: If only we had a reliable computer....
TDB1: Precisely. We have a new soundcard...
TDB2: But the computer we have at home needs to be repaired.
BAI: Post-haste. You have a receipt right?
TDB2: Yes but it's not just a matter of having a receipt. You have to have the time and transportation to take your whole studio back to the store....
TDB1: We've done it too many times.
BAI: Maybe your computer music has sado-masochistic undertones.
TDB1: (laughs) You mean, harmonics.
TDB2: Really? Who's torturing who?
TDB1: Maybe we're taking turns.
BAI: I heard you say before that you want to record w/ acoustic instruments.
TDB1: We'd love to... to record overdubs w/ drum kit and guitar, you know, jamming over pre-programmed shit.
TDB2: Of course the technical side still needs preparation.
TDB1: But perhaps we'll just be working with the computer alone...
BAI: Can't wait to graduate from school and take that computer home, eh?
TDB2: Exactly.
TDB1: (prints a page from the computer, examines it) I think the cover is ready now.

After the fonts are tested, the cover's ready to post. We place an email to alert another Blipsandifs member about posting the file.

We're about to go live. Five minutes to air. Drunken boats about to weigh anchor....

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angrycobra said...

When I look around and see that my portrait of another man has fallen on deaf ears, I can't help but long for the days when an occupation didnt define you, as much as explain you. I guess we live in a periodical world, and I'm wearing milkbone underwear. Go team!