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April 30, 2006

Tachikoma NYC patrol.

On patrol here, blogging from the VIP Filmmakers Lounge of the TriBeCa film fest. Shit is mad going down in the hizz. Jason is not a good enuf producer of himself so I have been elected for the role of unpaid promoter/consumer of free burritos.

Top Ten Unexpected Things About Tachikoma In New York:

10. It's not asia, but I'm there.
9. Jason is currently squatting in his apartment even though he makes more money than I do.
8. Filmmakers (such as me) in TriBeCa can hang out in a lounge with OPEN BAR EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK.
7. I got another show here (other than Knitting Factory show) at an art fag show on Saturday.
6. I went to texas, but I chose not to mess with it.
5. NYC actually kinda reminds me of Taipei more than I thought. It's the rusty train stations.
4. NYC peoples really like to use Blackberrys and mini-cell-puters. Even in nightclubs. For Actual. You may be wearing cooler clothes than me but you look like a nerd.
3. We are living off of free shit. Or very cheap. $1 Empenada shop near Jason's apartment.
2. It's sunny and the air smells nice.
1. On my first night here we got dropped off in Harlem at 3 am and we went to Dunkin Donuts. We are currently still alive.

That is all for now..... tachikoma signoff.

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[710W3] said...

Sounds like fun! Keep on enjoying.