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April 20, 2006

Tachikoma: Live In Two Countries.

Tachikoma Big International Tour 2006 is starting soon:

APRIL 27, Vancouver, BC

Tachikoma is playing at 11pm, somewhere in a big long building on Granville Island, as part of Signal and Noise 2006, organized by Video In. Come and hear Tachikoma singing and using the theremin-like "AirFX" box, pretending he is a J-Pop singer, sampling anime tracks, and improvising on 2 Gameboys simultaneously! It's an Art Fag experience like no other.

MAY 3, New York, NY

Somehow, Tachikoma bribed his way into a gig at the Knitting Factory, a famous place in New York which has as much Rock as it has Yarn. Probably the set will be kinda stripped-down, just MP3player and AirFX. But it's NYC baby. Plus there'll be Tachikomamusic in the Tribeca film festival, which is during the first week of May. Lucky.

That's the whole tour, but still, come out and support the Tachikoma Crappy Anime-Sampling IDM Rock Experience if you can!

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angrycobra said...

NYC ain't ready for the Kun!