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April 12, 2006

Superflat Single #34 / Harpoon

For the last couple of months there have been dubby, electronic, confusing, space-cowboy jam sessions in my apartment. Tachikoma plus The Boats plus an independently wealthy Lebanese gentleman add up to: HARPOON, the most violently-named band in a 4 metre radius. This track is a sprawling indesign file of mad digital improv. The bass lines are rubbery and hypnotic, the drumming delayed and bitreduced, the synths all bendy and cheesy sounding. Way too many Brass patches for anyone's good. Tachikoma pieced it together from 3 separate jams and stuck in a couple of gameboy landscapes for good measure.

We haven't jammed in a long time, because The Boats were finishing up their dual Ph.D.'s in graphic design and advanced pork processing. But now they are all done with that and we can get back to the task at hand: unpredicable randomized space-cowboy dub. Good thing we are releasing this now so we can listen to it ourselves and remember we're awesome.

Oh wait, that's the whole reason for this blog.

See you, space cowboy......


Listen to blipsandifs034.mp3 - 22.4MB


self oscillate said...

howdy, cowboys

Tachikoma said...

glad you are still tuning in, Mr. Germany....