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April 3, 2006

Superflat Single #33 / Tachikoma

Back when I lived in Taiwan, I'd ride the train from the middle point of the island, where I lived, to Taipei in the north. Programming my gameboy synthesizer with a pair of headphones, I'd gaze at the industrial parks unraveling with the landscape. I remember seeing gas flares at the top of ominous chimneys blazing uselessly in the middle of the night. The enormous, now redundant Hsinchu Industrial Park was the inspiration for many train-programmed songs.

These days, condemned to live in paradise, I often get nostalgic for the days when industrial dinosaurs towered over the cityscape, so much more inspiring than the modest socialist half-highrises I'm surrounded with now. This track, recorded in the paleolithic era, will probably be the last fossil excavated from the Blips and Ifs archive for a while. We gotta move forward like a big stupid brontosaurus. In the coming weeks there will be new, anti-nostalgic tracks, video collaborations, Electroplankton improvisations, audiotoy experiments.... anything so long as it's new. I gotta shed my skin. So do you.

Listen to blipsandifs033.mp3 - 7MB

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self oscillate said...

again a very nice track